Your most important tool for fly fishing?

I was wondering what you would consider to be the most important fly fishing tool. We seem to place a lot of emphasis on the quality of fly rods but are really most important?

Some man consider the fly line or reels most crtitical, others might suggest water craft, leaders, sharp hooks, vises, waders, wading boots, vests, or leaders.

Personally I believe that the line is more important than the rod. You can have the best quality rod but with out a quality line you won't be able to efficienlty and effectively present a fly. Second I have to go with Waders.....there is nothing like being comfortable when on the water. Qualilty waders definately make the fishing experience more enjoyable.

Let us all know what you think.


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I think that you need to get out more. You are starting to think. But I think that the car is. Without it I couldn't get anywhere



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Well, waders without a good pair of boots would not be much good. Fly line without leader, leader without tippit, tippit without fly, fly without a hook...yadda...yadda.yadda!

The head bone connected to the neck bone, the neck bone connected to the back bone.....:beathead:

You need to go fishing,


David Loy

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When I read the opening line I immediatly thought of my car. Jim, you beat me to it again. Must be an old fogey thing. It's a sure thing I'd do even less fishing without it. Then again, as seldom as I get out there might not be a noticeable difference.
A fly might be a close second.


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All things may be connected, directly or indirectly, but not all are anywhere nearly of equal importance.

In descending order:

The essential:
1. fly or flies
2. leader

Without these I could neither fish nor catch fish. With them, I can, altho it would be very limiting.

The important:

3. flyline
4. rod, it doesn't have to be expensive, just serviceable.
5. waders, including wading boots if we're talking stocking foot here. These allow me to make more and better presentations, resulting in more hookups.
6. reel, at some point winding that line around a stick is a hassle easily remedied with a reel.
7. paraphenalia and accessories - sunglasses, fly box, nippers, floatant, more leader material, a bag, pack, or vest to carry it all in, etc.
8. phase I of the fleet: float tube, raft, canoe, pontoon boat, pram, drift boat, jet sled, etc.

After that, the next 30 rods, 10 reels, a place to store it all, is just wanton consumer extravagance. Yes, I'm guilty. Very guilty.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Being marooned in Seattle without my car while I am at school has definately showed me that the vehicle is the ultimate accessory for all the things I like to do (fishing, Hunting, Hiking, etc). This summer I fished 3-4 times per week, but since september 25th, I have fished a grand total of 30 minutes.... I think I was just as busy during the summer, with long workdays and other things, but I was able to get out. So I vote for my Nissan being my most important fishing tool.
Second would be flies, because you can have all the gear in the world, but without flies or hooks of some sort, all you get is exercise for your arm.
I can walk to a couple of near by lakes so the car isn't a necessity. This time of year, I would have to say it's a toss up between my thermos and my flask. Sometimes I just combine the two.:thumb: