(NFR) Support our men and woman in the military


Dana Miller
I received an e-mail from Fly Fisherman Magazine today asking for donations of magazine subscriptions for our fighting men and woman. This is a great way to show support for our troops who are doing so much for us and are asking for so little in return.

I have donated 5 subscriptions to the cause and figured that many of the people on this site who have proven so generous for other causes would like to help out the troops.

Please follow this link if you can help.


Thanks and merry Christmas.

Chris Scoones said:
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Some threads deserve a second chance. This would be one of them.

Ahhh...it's good to be King! :beer2:

Thanks Chris for keeping a diligent eye on the musings and ranting that take place here.

Jim Jones


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that's awesome. I salute every soldier, cop, fireman and paramedic who lays it on the line each day so we can all sleep at night. You guys and gals freakin' RULE! :thumb: