you know you're a fly fisherman when....

-When your wife bends over while wearing her wadders and you think that her A$$ looks good in neoprene

-When you take the PC descktop picture of you and your wife and replace it with one of your favorite stretch of water (I was cross eyed in the picture any ways)


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NorthernExposure-there have been points in your life where during sex said:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: now if that doesn't captivate and hold your full undivided attention, you are WAAAYYYY out there!!!! :rofl: :rofl:


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"When you drive up the Queets road on Christmas morning and no one else is there- not on the entire 13 mile drive to the campground at Sam's Creek, and you fish all day alone, and you make a little fire that evening and have dinner alone "

This post if fun for the most part, and I can relate to many, but this one just doens't seem right. Bob, for all you do for us on this site and on the rivers - we would be happy to save a spot for you at the table our small family Chrsitmas day dinner. What do you like - turkey, ham, roast beast??


Be the guide...
"When you bring your wife and firstborn home from the hospital and then leave to go fishing.
Did that, 30 yrs ago and the wife is still pissed."

What is this thread about? "You know you are a moron when?"


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When you are a metalhead (in a music sense, not fish) and in a metal band and people laugh at you when you say you are going flyfishing before the show.

When you pick up a dead phesant along the road to keep the feathers.

When your mom yells at you because there are pices of pink marabou floating around the house, down staris from the fly tying bench.

When you write your college admissions essay on fly fishing.

When you wake up wide awake at 5 am to go fishing, but sleep in and miss first period on a school day.

Ok so maybe those are just me.


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On December 25th you are just happy to be with family because tomorrow your out the door fly-fishing with some new stuff.

ChadK...nice offer....but what the heck is roast beast? (JK)

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:mad: all your ball caps have hook holes in the back/front

you know.. when you are so happy your buddy catches a metalhead but upset when he hooks his forth and you have yet hook one
You build a resort that caters mostly to fly fishermen/women, just so you can literally eat, breath, work, and sometimes sleep flyfishing.

That, while researching your resort, you make some concessions on traffic count, business profile, and cost of real estate just so you can put your resort within a double haul of your favorite water.

When you are helping your little boy with his homework, you use fly fishing problems like; If you tie a 70' running line to a 20' shooting head, how long is your fly line? Just so he will grow up a flyfisherman too, and be able to row for you when you get to old to row for him.

When stuck in rush hour traffic, you go to your happy place to keep your sanity, and then have to explain to your wife that the reason why you were an hour late getting home was because you pulled out of traffic and went to the fly shop to calm down and recoup, before finishing the drive.
When you convince your Grandma and Brother to do X-Mas on Saturday instead of Sunday so you can fish on empty rivers on Sunday for a few hours. When you did the same thing for Thankgiving as well.