Headed to Port Angeles this weekend

Hey guys I am headed to the Penninsula this weekend to make a delivery for work (which means the drive up there is paid for). I scheduled it for friday which means I have the weekend to chase the infamous steelhead. Anybody have any suggestions for a river. I only have a spey rod so it would be nice to have a little room to chuck some line. Just in case you have second thoughts about giving up info, the name is deceiving, I practice catch and release (just haven't had to pleasure to release a steelhead yet, as far as I'm concerned they don't exist and all of you guys are involved in a conspiracy with fly shops and rod manufacturers to sell as much steelhead gear to suckers who will go fishing for a fish that doesn't exist) Anyway, if any of you live out there or fish out there alot, I would appreciate some help, ie good river levels, regular hot spots. Just a little fyi, the lower deschutes (Maupinish) is ready to explode. Went down there last weekend, saw a few fish, but it rained a couple of days after I left and my buddie said it was pure madness. If you have the ability to go down whenever you want, check the weather and go down there if the forecasts say rain is coming.