WTB Lines (6, 7, 8, and\or 9)

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Looking for 6 or 7 wt lines: WF and\or good Puget Sound beach fishing line

And looking for 8 or 9wt line that can also be used for beach fishing

So what do you have sitting in your closet collecting that you want to unload?


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RIO Windcutter WF5F Brand new

RIO WF10/S8 Hypersink brand new

WF8 Intermediate barely used SA

I could sell you these, but it would be a month before I shipped them :clown:

I have some gently used fly lines hanging around (like used once or twice). Let me take a look and if there are any in the weights you want you can have them. Sound OK?

Just checked my gently used lines selection. All I have is a Monic WF6F clear line and an SA (I think) running line with Type I and Type III Shooting Tapers. If your interested send your snail mail addy in a PM.

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