I'm gonna be in the Leavenworth area the upcoming weekend, could anyone tell me what flies (and what sizes) would be good for this time of year for the trout and whitefish? I much prefer to fish dry flies, thanks in advance.
i have fished the icicle, and i can tell you the fish are not to picky. i fished it about a month ago. I pretty much fished a hopper pattern all day, and that did the trick. But they hit on pretty much any dry. For drys I would recommend basics like elk hair caddis, adams, wulfs, and hoppers. If your fishing a hopper, you might try dropping a small nymph about 2 feet off of it. The fish are not huge in the icicle, you will mainly get 8-10 inchers, w/ the occasional 12". You will however have lots of action. oh, and i have never cought a white fish on the icicle, but i imiagine if you get it in there face they will hit just about any small nymph. good luck
I fished the Icicle 8 days ago, catching the usual assortment of very small trout, and was then was pleasantly surprised to reel in a 13" Dolly Varden/Bull trout. It's the largest fish I've caught in 3 different trips to the Icicle. :THUMBSUP
I fished the Icicle two weekends ago with my dad. The fish are your typical costal cutthroat/rainbow variety averaging 7" to 13". I would reccommend a really simple assortment of flies. Adams parachutes size 16, Elk caddis size 16, Golden Stimulator size 12. There were golden stoneflies, October Caddis and Dark Caddis (unidentifiable. No mayflies.

I think I fished for about 30 minutes and caught 20 or 30 fish in about 3 or 4 different sections of water. It is all too easy fishing but the scenery is spectacular.

This is the kind of place to bring a beginner to have some fun!

(Hence bringing dad)

Good Luck!


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Maybe I should go there and try to remember what is was like to be a beginner and then maybe I'll learn how to fish again.

Fished the Icicle last weekend. Weather was fantastic; scenery excellent; and was just about by myself. Small rainbows up to 10" and mostly on Adams 14 & 16. Hatch around 4:30 PM and small fish rising 4:30 - 5:45. Water depths from 6" to some scattered pools > 6'. Fair nymph action there. Enjoy, I did!!!!!!!!!Bill :BIGSMILE