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I grew up on whidbey island, but have lived in Michigan for the last 6 years. I'm making a trip out there this spring around the end of April. Pass Lake is a given to fish, but what salt opportunities do I have this time of year? I always just fished for pinks and coho in the fall and trout mostly year round. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Steelhead, Bush Point, Lagoon Point, Mutiny Bay etc. Don't know about src's at this time of year. You from North or South Whidbey?I lived on So. Whidbey for about 16 years.
just be sure to respect all of the private Property signs at all of the above mentioned sites. We had a big meetin' with the high Sheriff this fall due to people that like to ruin it for all of us by peeing in front of peoples kitchen windows, smoking and canning fish on the beach, building fires and cussing at 5 in the morning,etc. Things are allot stricter since that meeting. One other thing to remember when fishing for Steelhead off of the beach. 95% of the fish will hit within 20' of the beach so when you stand out in the water they actually will swim out and away from you because they tend to spook easily.
This is why the majority of people that you see fishing up here have only knee boots on and they're out of the water. But, getting back to the original post, I'd ask that question again towards March since the SRC's seem to travel around and any place that I told you to go today may not be holding fish in April.
I lived in Oak Harbor for 16 years. Great little town, didn't really take advantage of the saltwater fly fishing opportunites. But Michigan has some great trout/steelhead fishing as well. How about stripping baitfish patterns for steelhead? What are some staple patterns?
Sorry, I didn't catch the end of April part of your post. If you can get permission Cultus Bay usually has a few src's show up about then.Trouble is it is all private property.It's best if you know someone there.


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The end of April is a little early for the North Puget Sound area. By mid-April the majority of the spawning will be completed (sapwning season January through May) and the post spawned fish will be dropping out to the salt beaches. All but the earliest arrivals will be still on the thin side. The smolts and the most of the sub-adult fish will just have begun leaving the rivers so total numbers will be down from what they would be in a couple months. The kelts will be pretty hungry and many are pretty good size but usually not in prime shape yet. The Skagit Bay beaches can be productive though I usually don't fish them that early.

Other near by lakes that might warrent a look include Cranberry and Lone. The 1st of May is the opening of ling cod season which can be interesting.

Hope your visit goes well.

Tight lines


Can anyone clarify what constitutes "private property" in regards to beach rights?? I've heard that other than Indian reservations, property lines do not extend onto exposed beach property, regardless of tide conditions.


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Can anyone clarify what constitutes "private property" in regards to beach rights?? I've heard that other than Indian reservations, property lines do not extend onto exposed beach property, regardless of tide conditions.
As much as I hate to say it thats not the case here in Wa. there are places where property is owned way out into the tide flats, some places even farther than the lowest low tide (check the chico area) and if you look at DNR beaches some are only accessable at low tide with no upland access at all, its best to research where you want to fish and if in doubt ask the property owner for permission to fish, there is alot more info on this subject in the archives.


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Off Fort Casey...(Camping Park there)...big drop off in water...good ffing for many things and if you want flounder or other bottom fish use spinning gear or ff gear with full sink line with raw bacon on the end of hook off Fort Casey...Raw bacon will catch you a variety of fish....sorry imitation raw bacon will not work.

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Take the Keystone ferry over to Port Townsend, then drive down the bay toward Hood Canal- tons of good fishing and a lot of good access. And the fishing can be very good in april around there. That is my experience anyway. There will be a few chum fry around by then, and other baitfish too, and the Cutts will be onto them. You wont see a lot of fish in april there, but you will see some big ones.

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More than once I've seen SRC active on the surface right near shore (2-3 ft. of water) in Langley during the Feb - March timeframe. Check the marina first and if you have a boat cruise the shoreline, and if you are on foot, be careful for the deep muddy areas during the low tides.

The Saratoga side will be better this time of year than the west side of Whidbey for SRC - IMHO.

Good luck