1851 SeaSwirl boat

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  1. hikepat

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    Jan 17, 2004
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    Des Moines, WA, USA.
    Before I post else where this weekend I figured I would post here to see if any interest.
    For sale 2002 Sea Swirl 1851 Walk around fishing boat
    Includes 2002 115 HP gas 4 stroke Yamaha with electronic tilt
    2001 8 HP, gas 4 stroke Yamaha with electronic tilt and cable remote control steering plumbed into main tank.
    Galvanized double axle trailer
    2 battery set up
    Depth Sounder
    Portia Potty
    Spare props for both motors
    Small sleeping or sitting cabin {Think size of 2 man tent}
    2 fenders
    2 different canvases tops one for trailering and storage that covers seating area but not back deck, the other to protect driver and passenger from rain and sun while on the water.
    2 fishing rod holders that also work for fly rods
    Scotty down rigger mounts but no down riggers. {Sold long ago}

    $17,500 cash
    Will post photos later tonight.
    Too many water craft and just no longer using this one. This looks like the Bayliner Trophy boats but is better made. Been told to sell, so I no longer need to keep washed, waxed and general up keep on a boat we are no longer using now that we bought a new one two months ago.
    Same boat some of you may have seen Fly Fishing outside Browns Point and elsewhere the past few years
    Boat pulled great behind my Dodge Dakota
    Boat located in Kent Washington
    Photo's added and also I scewed up its a 2002 not 2001. Trailer is also 2002
    Thanks Yellow Lab I loved the boat its treated me well
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    Wow, that is an awesome set up.
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