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Well it is still raining here As I set next to the Satsop River in all of it's mudd. I saw a farmer plowing his field, and before he know it he was half way across the river. Luckley he caught a spruce tree and held on. They pulled him out around Montesano. O.k. guys this is what I need to know what kind of light do you have at your tying bench? I am getting old and need more light than what I have. Thanks Otto :D


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I use an Ott light with the full spectrum, daylight type small tube flourescent bulb. I use the one that clamps to my tying table. The 18 watt provides the most light (about like a 100 watt regular bulb. And because it is full-spectrum lighting, colors are not distorted (the light it nearly the same as sun light at noon) and everything is very sharp and in focus.

There are other full-spectrum lights on the market, like the Giraffe already mentioned. Hareline Dubbing has been offering one through its dealers for the last year that is very nice and includes a magnifyer for about $70.00.

I'm also using the OTT lite 18 watt model, with an attached magnifyer (I also have old eyes, well one anyway). It sure is nice to be able to see those size 22's to tie them. Now idf someone will just tie them on the tippet for me. Check Jo-Ann's Fabric ads in the papers. They sell them for 50% off a lot of times.


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Can't say I'm a huge fan of the light, but I love the libations! I'm gonna have to add a little glass of somethin somethin to my setup! Genius!

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I use one of those cheap ones. With the knee action and a magnfying glass with a 40 watt bulb. If you go to the fly tying section you should be able to see what several of us use in the way of lights. My eyes also suck,but what I use is good enough for them.

Just bought the desk top mag/lt combo & luv it...use a clamp on overhead Ott...need all the lt I can thing about a magnifier though, it will sure keep you honest :) ...but, now my #20 EHC's are coming out great!!
just got a new Mckenzie bright light from the MRS. Claus for Christmas. I love it . It also has a magnifyer on it. It'll mostly be used for travel though because I have 4x4' T-8 Daylight bulbs above my bench as well as 1 magnifying flouresent fixture and a 60watt incandesent magnifying lamp.
My eyes are getting back too but, mostly from glaucoma...:beathead:

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I use a cheap drafting table light with a color-corrected bulb in it at 100 watts. Bought the light at a yard sale and the bulb at the hardware store. The bulb cost me more than the light fixture did.
I was looking through an art catalog (Dick Blick) that came in my mail and noted that they carry the Ott lights and Daylight lamps but have a lot more models than the fly shops. I am contomplating (ouch) getting an Ott 100 W bulb. It is $40 but that is a ways cheaper than most of the floor or desk top models - wish I knew what the differnce was.

Right now I have three flourescent socket bulbs in three basic hardware store aluminum clamp fixtures as well as a double 40" flouro set. I like a lot of light.
I use a cheap little lamp my wife bought at Ikea, I think it was $6. I'll probably have to upgrade some day, but I've tied hundreds of flies and built a few rods under it, so it's already paid off. For magnification, I use a flip focal, which cost 3x what the light did.

Sometimes you beat the system :cool: , sometimes it beats you :beathead: .
Boeing drafting table light and magnifier. $10 at estate sale. Use the light all the time and the magnifier for flies under size 18. In the last 6 months I have seen 2 others for sale a garage sales for the same price.