Januray 28th Day On the River With George Cook and Crew of Anglers Rendezvous


Day On the River With George Cook and Crew of Anglers Rendezvous.
Short 10 minute introductions of George Cook and Crew of Anglers Rendezvous.
Speycasting instruction and product demonstrations.
Charles St. Pierre will give demonstration on Speycasting Northwest Style.
Team Sage will be on hand for instruction and to answer any questions you may have.
The Program will start a 9:00 and run until we are done.
Join us the on the Tolt River in Carnation, Washington.​


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Once again I look forward to hearing about all of the great stuff that I missed
by not being able to attend today. :rofl:


Degenerate Caster
Mike Kinney teaching me the true skagit cast and a lot more,just call me grasshopper master Kinney:ray1: ,and to the other guy's thanks for the tip's on the long line,plus George CooK cast my rig ,The Student's Pet,and thought it was interesting .It's like the old day's when you had to let the king have first crack at you future wife only I did'nt have to clean her up when I got her back!


Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!
Missed George Cooks presentation, but the 10 mins one on one with him more than made up for it! Cast a few sweet Sage sticks, particularily the 7141-4 with a Skagit setup. Maybe for the next setup!

George helped me with my casting, it worked well to throw in a perry poke after my double spey and made some nice distance casts. Was working on making my D loop into more of a wedge. Gotta go and practice!