Spokane Area Lakes

Anybody know what the current ice situation is like at Fourth of July?

Hog Canyon had about 1/4 mile of open water lat the launch last wed, and there were two pontoon boats on it.

Rock has reportedly been doing well all winter. I caught 3 rainbows and 1 brown there last Fri, but also had the good fortune of going with a neighbor who has a boat. It's a big, windy lake for smaller craft, although I have had success from my pontoon in the past - sticking real close to shore on both sides. Worth a shot to break the cabin fever in any event.
I have talked to two people about FoJ and one said it was open, the other said there was some very thin ice near the launch but when the boats launch they break it up enough for anyone to get out. I have fished it in my pontoon many times with ice around the edges so I don't think that should be a problem. I also hear they are catching some fish, not what I would call hot, but certainly worth the trip I would think.
I ended up going to 4th of July today, but it was iced over a few yards from the launch. It looked like a boat had broken through recently, but the channel it created was iced over as well.

So I drove down to Rock again. I landed one brown and one really nice rainbow, and lost a few others, fishing from my pontoon boat. There were quite a few plunkers at the launch who seemed to be doing well.

It was a nice day and no wind, punctuated by a viewing of the Turnbull elk herd and a nice sunset on the drive back home.:)