Storage of Pontoon Boat

Since purchasing my new boat, I have not used my 8' pontoon boat, which has been hanging up for a year. Basically, it is disassembled, and the pontoons are hanging vertically in the garage.

In your experience, can any damage be caused by not storing these inflated?




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when i am done for the season, i clean the tubes with 303, make sure they are dry and roll them up and put them someplace where critters can't get to them. frame is hung up off the garage ceiling. 9' pontoon going on 6yrs without a problem.

Ron Olsen

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Had the same question a few years ago, so I called the manufacturer. Their comments:
  • First, be sure things are dry, and stored away from sunlight.
  • Store at a moderate temperature (avoid hot especially)
  • If you store inflated, reduce pressure.
  • If stored deflated, either store flat, or rolled; no creases.

Best of course is to use your craft once a week all year. :beer2:


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If they have internal bladders they will fall down inside and give you bear of a time when you blow them up filling in properly. Like was said rolled up and stored is the best way. Or folded up like the way they came in the box.

Check with the manufacturer. Outcast told me best thing is to keep them moderatly inflated (i.e. just enough to keep their shape and from being too floppy). But they also told me watch out, mice like to munch on them. So I got 4 large threaded hooks (two for each pontoon) and screwed them into studs in the top of my garage. I then threaded webbing through each pontoon. Now they're hanging horizontally in a part of my garage that is dead space anyway and mice can't get to.

Next year when I get more time I'm going to hang the whole thing put together with a pulley system. I have really high walls in my garage so I can do this. I can't wait, will make it much more likely for me to get out on the water earlier in the year because I won't procrastinate setting it up.

I have mine hanging by a pulley system in the garage above my car. I leave the pontoons partially inflated. Works well for me. I wish I could drop it on my truck, but it wouldn't fit out the garage door.


Jerry Daschofsky

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I always kept mine hanging. Back in the day, they always said to keep partially inflated hanging from ceiling (never left on the floor). Now, let me tell you, was a pain keeping 3 boats in the 16-18' range hanging from your garage ceiling. Then toss in a couple 8-9' boats.

I wouldn't roll them. You can with the bladderless boats (as mentioned above, make sure you have no creases when you roll them up). I prefer to keep them semi inflated. No creases (rolling) means boat stays smooth. Smooth means less chance to crack due to drying out and having a "pinch" in the material. If I could hang them from the ceiling complete, I would. I usually could do this with 8-10' boats. Bigger boats I'd seperate (would hang WAY too low in the garage to be able to move).