Book Review: Magical Fly Fishing for Majestic Steelhead!

Andy, a very nice piece of writing. By the way your recent posts have been well done too.

I quess I won't have to send you the dictionary after all :D



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I've never heard of him, and I'm feeling that must make me somewhat lucky. I take it he's some kind of delusional over-achiever. Not to be too picky, but the photo of him and a fish in the link, that fish doesn't match his stats. Maybe he also has an over-achieving yardstick he measures with, and well as counts with. I've run into a few loose wing nuts in the steelhead fly fishing fraternity, but fortunately, not all of them. I think I'll pass on adding that book to my collection.
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Clay Aikens was an overachiever too! He has a gift but I still can't hear it. :beer1:
I'd rather read Clay Aikens bio then Sharp Steelie's writings. Dude is a legend in his own mind :rolleyes: I Wonder if it comes in a limited edition hardback or even if there's an infomercial??? 'Sharp Steelie's Flying Fly'

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spanishfly said:
. . . I Wonder if it comes in a limited edition hardback or even if there's an infomercial??? 'Sharp Steelie's Flying Fly'
I had a client write a nonfiction book several years ago. Unlike Sharp's it was quite good and ended up being ordered in bulk by several business schools as a textbook.

But despite its high quality, he couldn't interest a publisher to commit to printing and distributing it. So instead he self-published with all the costs coming out of his own pocket. We sold it off a web site initially driven by word of mouth. The book ended up selling more copies than any other self-published book ever offered by But even after three printings of 6,000 total copies, he still lost money.

I bet Clay's gonna take a real bath on his.



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It was ranked at 472,000 something through Barnes and Noble on the selling list...but I don't know out of how many......and that changes daily. And with all the Pub he's getting from us it will not help that number.... but it sure will put a lot of fingerprints on that one copy in the store. :clown:
This is hilarious. I'm a newbie here, so I went back to look at some of this guy's old posts on the site, and they're a hoot. He tends to stop counting once he's hit ten steelhead in a day? Okay, fella -- but as for me, I generally stop counting at zero, because I find it both easier and more accurate that way.

I'm sorry, but Rule Numero Uno about BS'ing, which he breaches in spades, is that you have to keep your BS within spitting distance of the even-slightly-plausible. I'm wondering -- is he even a real guy, and has anyone ever really seen him fish?


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Usually the No. 1 Steelheaders in this state and adjacent states prefer to fish alone. I had seriuosly forgotten about his authoritative posts....I catch Steelhead. It's not that hard. I can tell you all of this.....I will never write a book on how to catch any type of fish.....but I might be able to come up with a good campsite recipe book. Because I can cook. I have now discovered the expertise on how to cook. It is really simple. Use my ingrediants and it will taste great..... :clown: Oh gawd! :p :p :p

This might be my last post I make here but it is fact .... I'm gonna give you a recipe to die for..... :clown: See TomB's fruit cake recipe


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I think we get the point, don't buy the book. Why keep piling on him? oh, I forgot this is WFF
Amen. One would think we all have better things to do than bag on this guy. Who cares if he catches a lot of steelhead (or not) and has written a book about it? If the book is not good, offer an opinion about that, but ripping the guy who wrote it is just classless, even if the claims he makes are exaggerated and untrue.


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I have it on good authority that he is "the real deal" and is a fish catching "machine". Whether that is due to his "majic flies" or him being some sort of hyper-focused steelhead "savant", - I don't know. I'm just going on what I've been told.

BFD if the guy is far better at catching steelhead than selling his ideas with some degree of finesse. Since when did "excessive enthusiam" become an offense worthy of internet lynching?

Personally I have far greater respect for someone who's people skills might need polishing, but treats other's with respect, than a bunch of [insert plural explicative of choice] that take great joy in picking that same person apart in a feeding frenzy of sadistic glee. :rolleyes:

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This dude does catch alot of fish, so i respect that. However, the way his instruction is put forth is comedic and hard to believe mannor in my eyes. I think some of the stuff in the book is in some way dishonest and i dont like seeing books that give false info. So ya, take it for what you will.


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Then don't buy the damn book and say something to the effect "I don't recommend it", "I found it to be lacking in substance", etc...

You know it would have been one thing if Clay came on this site and said "You guys are all dumbasses and I can outfish any one of you MF'ers!", or something truly offensive to that effect. That's not what he did.

If you guys thought he was full of crap then you should have ignored him or slung a few barbs in jest and let it be. What happened was something straight out of Jane Goodall's notebook. A full-fledged, High School, "YOU can't sit at the cool table, - heres your wedgy nerd!" group lynching.

Thing is I keep hearing about how fly fishermen are "superior", have "class", etc... I'm sure as hell not seeing that in this thread (myself included).