Report from Baker Lake

First off, That Resort is a nice place to stay, we paid $45.00 a night for a cabin with beds, a sink, stove, heater, and a refridgerator, and could'nt have been happier. As for the fishing, I was not able to leave the resort for many differant reasons, btu was treated to some of the best C&R dolly fishing I've ever had! The fish ranged from 15" to 26", but carried an average of near 20". between the 3 of us that fished on Saturday evening we caught 18 fish in the hour before dark. When we woke on Sunday, we were treated to seeing that it had rained all night and the streams were spewing out thick grey muck, (makes you really love glacial fed streams) and not a chance at catching anything. We had a blast the night before, and got to watch some drunks fall down over the hillside into the sticker bushes on Sunday, so all was not a loss. Thanks to all who gave some input, I'll make another trip and hit some of those spots when I'm not babysitting my children and relatives! :THUMBSUP