NFR Steelers Praise 12th Man.....The Refs!

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Steelers praise 12th man.....the refs!

I should have stuck with my plans to just fish all day. :beathead: :beathead:

I'm not a huge sports fan, but the refs really did swing the tempo of that game in a negative way for the hawks.


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There were some straight up bull calls that really swung the game. Even Madden didnt like the calls. Wasnt just us biased seahawks fans.
great job to the hawks fans that made it -- they were terrific!! the refs were a joke, i can't believe it. too bad, because i have respect for the steelers, but i cannot be convinced that they are the better team here. well, not without the friggin refs at least. i hate to see any super bowl decided by those guys, let alone ours.


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I'm with you Yard! I should have just gone out and fished! :beathead: :beathead:

Or at least played with my new line.

That just f*&^ing sucked! Damn refs! :(
It'e tough to win that first one boys. You had a great season, a great team, and played a great game.
But, when it's all said and done, I thought the Stones really sucked.ptyd
It should have been 24-14 seahawks if it werent' for those 3 bad calls.
Take back the RothB touch down and give us back the one touch down and the catch inside the 5 that were called back.........

the game was fixed

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while i agree about some questionable calls, the refs did not cost the hawks the super bowl, the hawks did. poor pass catching and terrible clock management, missed field goals... which of those did the refs cause.

of course i was rooting for the hawks, but deep down i knew that holmgren would end up being out coached by the superior coach. kudos to cowher and the steelers for a great run and a well played game.

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I think the Seahawks got ripped on this play. Roethlisberger didnt break the plane of the goal line with the ball.
Once Roethlisberger relized he was short, he quickly moved the ball foward....did anyone catch that?
even during the review of the play, the media picked up the steelers saying they didn't get it.

how about BURNING Terrible Towels at the OP Event Fire!
Theres a post on the ESPN nfl forum thats titled "These aren't Seattle Fans complaining" and 198 ppl have posted so far who are different teams fans thatare saying how bad the officiating was.

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