Wading Jackets...whats your opinion/experiences???


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Im looking at investing some money into a wading jacket for the winter time fishing and was curious as to experiences and suggestions you may have. I am looking for one that could be used all year without getting heat stroke during a spring shower, but warm enough for those winter steelhead on 13 degree days?? Thanks

Go with a layered set up, Gore-Tex shell, and a Wind Stopper Micro Fleece liner. I also use Cool-Max shirts and shorts under my Micro Fleece sweats. This system works for me year round in one configuration or another. I'm fishing in this outfit with a cotton L.S. shirt now and I stay plenty warm in the foggy mornings and don't sweat in the sunny afternoon. Depending on the forcast, I use heavier or lighter garments over the Cool-Max unders, but always in layers. I can fish on a day when it is just dumping rain or snow in the early morning, and have the same comfort if the sky breaks and the sun comes out. I have used the name brand materials in the( Gore-Tex,Wind Stopper,Micro Fleece,Cool-Max) list just for discriptive purposes only, there are many other mfg.'s with the same product by other names. just shop around and you can get equipped with all the gear you need year round pretty inexpensively.... Just remember, Always in layers! :THUMBSUP
i use a patagonia sst year round. its 3-ply gore-tex(or a version of it). it is really designed only to keep you dry. you have to wear fleece or something like that under it to keep warm. i have no complaints. the warranty is bomb-proof but i doubt anybody ever needs to use it. in the summer, it would be hot though. i think any type of jacket would be in summer conditions. hope that helps. jer

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I have always improvised on rain protection but have pined for a long time for a wading jacket. There are some mighty fine wading jackets out there from the likes of Simms, Patagonia, Filson (there are others I'm sure), and I looked at a bundh of them and tried to justify the outrageous prices they sell for, but ultimately couldn't pull the trigger. I concluded that wading jackets are just another example of how manufacturers of fly fishing gear and the folks that sell such stuff take us fly anglers to the cleaners because they know we'll pay a lot more for something if it's fly gear than if it were the same thing being sold for general outdoor purposes. I ended up buying a $99 lightweight waterproof jacket cut at the waist from Marmot. Sure, it's missing a D-ring or two which would have been nice, but I'm assuming I'll be able to get by without the fly-fishing related bells and whistles. I guess I will find out this fall and winter if I was a fool not to buy one of the more expensive wading jackets.


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I guess my only "issue" with my rain gear is the fact that it is not breathable, thus ensuing me to more intense temperatures under the hood, per say. I am not sure that the bells and whistles that come with a "gore-tex" wading vest are all that attractive, more the aspect of sealed wrists and breathability for changing temeratures and conditions. Rain gear would provide the same coverage from the rain but you still have open wrists is my only concern :DUNNO . Cabelas offers a nice looking coat for $159.00??


Im not sure what to do?? I need a good breathable solution but not sure I want to spend the cash, mostly because my wife is already fairly concerned with this addiction called flyfishing :TSKTSK

Barbour Spey Jacket

I've got one of those Cabelas Gore-Tex Jackets and I love it.I got mine on sale for $100.00 becuase it is camo in the Bargan Basement area on their website. Keep your eyes open for year-end closeouts soon as well. All the mfg's will be coming out with 2003 stuff and the dealers need to clear the 2002 products and make the pre-season orders.
Barbour Spey Jacket

I've got two. The short spey jacket to use with chest waders and a longer field jacket for hip waders. If waxed once a year, they are great as stated above. I got both of mine on sale.



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I bought a Redington wading jacket from REI before my trip to Alaska, and considering it rained pretty damn hard a few days....it kept me dry as can be. You really can't beat the price at $150, and being that it's from REI, it's 100% covered! It has all the normal features, zipper in back for gear, pockets in front and inside, etc, etc.

Its worth a look for sure!

- DW