Number 1 Reason to Buy a Spey Rod

I like bob's answer! screw the fact they are great for big water, you just look sooooo much cooler than single handed guys, thats why Im trying to learn :)


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I used to think the best reason was so that I could fish from the high bank side of the river. It ain't the only reason, but it's still one of the best.

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Ringlee said:
No false casts. One cast and full distance. You are fishing longer.

I don't think this statement is true,"you are fishing longer". I have fished with many spey casters and to tell the truth I think that my fly is in the water about the same length. It might not be out as far but it is in the water about the same

Most quarter their casts down stream and I go across. To me it seems the same. I get out a good 60 to 70 feet on my single hander and when I did the spey thing it was just a little farther.

But this is just the opinion of an old man and should not be taken seriously..