SRC report 2/11


Left handed Gemini.
Beautiful day in everyway, I went to checkout some local beaches minutes from my house today, I've never fished them don't know why, just haven't even though I've heard this rumor here and there that catching is possible. Put my waders on at home grabbed my rod and a little box of flies and off I went. I cast down the beach for a little ways never seeing any fish until I got to a little runoff creek, saw a fish jump cast my clouser out and in a couple of strips had a nice 10" cutt. on the end of my line I couldn't hardly believe it, I stayed there for an hour casting and it was either a good tug and a miss or fish on! I ended up bringing to hand 10 cutts all told in 3 hours of fishing, 8 on the clouser 1 on Mr. Johnson's beach fly and 1 on Mr. Miyawaki's popper, that was the smallest but most exciting and I'm very sure that if I had of fished it from the beginning I would have done better but I didn't put it on until the end when things had slowed down, too bad for me cause the fish were there and willing. The fish ran from 8" to 14" but most were between 10" to 12" I did see a couple of larger ones jump but I quess they weren't for me. I've only caught a couple of cutts in the past and those were flukes so this was way cool.
Good on ya, Tony. Great day on the beach: not only a beautiful day but also brought some SeaRuns to hand. Sounds like you will be visiting that spot more frequently hereafter!
Congrats Tony. It was indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. While I didn't have the success you did, I landed my first SRC (18") on a dry fly, a white gurgler. It was a tremendous slam just twenty feet from my rod tip. With the calm water today, I was able to see to see the whole thing, a moment that goes into the memory files.

Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
I'm thinking of hitting Carkeek as it gets dark later on today, or possibly early Monday morning. I just know that right now there are 150 kids running around the beach, throwing rocks into the creek and peeing on the sand etc. I wish I felt like driving the 35 miles to the Narrows, because it's frickin' gorgeous outside and I'm sitting here watching the luge on NBC.


Sounds like you've been to Carkeek before... ever had any problems with your car getting prowled??? That's what kinda keeps me from driving over there. I got hit while at Lenice one year and that was the last time I was ever there.


I guess I'll have to find one of my buddies who owns a Hyundai POS and car-pool it to Carkeek. Just tied up some Miyawaki wanna-be's and am really anxious to give them a whirl. I'll post my results when I get the chance.:p