broken flyrod

Hey guys,

Three years ago I baught a flyrod from Gary Kings in Anchorage. I paid 800 for it and it is a nice 8 wt rod.

About five months ago I went to Kauffmans and they repaired the tip with glue but it broke again yesterday.

Do any of you guys know where I can take it to get it repaired? It came with a life time warranty but Gary Kings went out of biz. I drove by there this summer and the place was empty.

P.S. I just baught a 14 lund with a johnson motor and am excited to get out in the middle of a river! Any suggestions for this weekend?




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If you live in the area, there is Greg's Custom Rods in Lake Stevens, he does repair and builds custom rods.


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What brand is it? If you paid $800 I am guessing it's a really nice rod made by a top company (Sage, Orvis, Winston, Loomis etc).

Most of these companys will replace or at least repair your rod at little or no charge. My brother in law slammed his Sage XP in the door of our cabin and sent it in for repair, no questions, no cost.

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about that boat.... if it's flat calm out this weekend you might want to think about some saltwater action, saltwater coho bite much better, especially lately. if you hit the saltchuck dont be afraid to fish away from the crowds. try hat island or columbia beach, or the area around kayak point. everywhere south of mukilteo is getting pounded and the fish are going deep. but if you are a river dog (woof woof), then try the lower Snohomish River near Everett. lots of fish in thus far. just tough biters. hopefully this rain helped. anyways, if the river is high fish tight to shore unless you see them finning around in the middle. launch at langus park, it has a nice launch with a dock. get up early however, or you may be getting in line, especially if it is windy. good luck


Thank you so much, but...

I went to see the boat and yes it was 1200 but it was a piece of >>>>!

I did not purchase.

I do not have my truck this weekend at all and am renting a car so I need to go river fishing I guess.

I would just love to catch something.