Salt Newbie.

I recently moved from Portland to go to graduate school at UPS in Tacoma, and have been interested in getting into fishing the salt for SRCs and resident cohos. I picked up a copy of Les' book and feel more comfortable with the basic techniqus now, but am still looking for somewhere to get started. Since its so close to school I was interested in fishing the Narrows, but I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a little more information re: access. I've heard you can park at Titelow park and walk up/down a ways. Any other suggestions? Is there a parking fee at Titelow? Thanks!

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Titlow is on the east side of the narrows. Go west over the bridge and get off on the first exit and head down to the bridge construction viewing area, that's called Docs. You can fish up and down the narrows for miles. It's open to the public, not sure on parking fees there. Not sure about parking fees at Titlow either. I was out there on Sunday and saw quite a few resident coho jumping.
Ive seen no fees at either. Though the parking by the railroad tracks at Titlow is for the restaurant. If you park along side the park you are OK.
The parking is for the restaurant and for recreational pruposes. At least that's what the sign said last time I was there. Steamers has painted some big signs on each of the parking spaces saying that they belong to them but the sign says otherwise.


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Purdy isnt too much farther. If you 16 Highway 16 west to the purdy exit and go down the side road to 302. It's right there off the road. Probably 20 minutes tops from tacoma.
Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! I think I'll give docs a try sometime next week to get me started. I looked up the area on google world and am still a little unclear on where to park...but I'll figure it out.