1 weight flyrod

I have always been interested in a 1-2 weight rod for my small stream adventures. Can anyone recommend a good rod with a moderate price? :DUNNO

Thanks, Ryan
I have a Sage "center axis" 2 weight and while it's not moderately priced, it sure is a blast with small fish. It makes a 6"-10" fish really feel like a much bigger fish. I bought mind from a shop that was unloading their demos. Check around and maybe you can find one that way.


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I am sooo bad, here I go again pushin' those St. Croix Rods again. No, seriously these are some of the best rods for the dollar around. They make a couple of models depending what it is you're after, a 7'6" 2pc 2wt SCIV for $260.00, and a 7'6" 2pc 2wt SCIII for $170.00. Both of these have a unconditional lifetime warranty, and rely are sweet rods at a killer price. Any other mfg. with theis kind of warranty and reputation will cost you double. I build custom rods and use their products every chance I get, I think the customer service they provide is top notch and the blanks have a extremely low failure rate. I can build these rods for the same cost as a factory rod if you want something special or don't like the factory componants. Any of the high performance and quality light (1wt & 2wt) line rods are hard to find without spending a bucket of cash. In the 1-2wt, moderate price range there is not anything I would recomend as highly as the St. Croix.
You might also want to look around for a Sage SPLCA. These are the center axis rods discontinued last year. There are still some around and you can pick them up for around $400. Sounds expensive, but it does include a great reel and the line.

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I had the opportunity to try out the Sage lightweights when they were first coming out, and they were a blast on small mountain lake trout and grayling in Alaska. I loved them for their action and the way they handled the tougher little fish. Cast beautifully. Someday I'll have them all!