Puerto Vallerta!!!

Hoydy ya'll... I'll be goin' the Puerto Vallerta for spring break in early April. Does anyone have ANY advice on fishing from the beaches and/or off the rocks? I'm taking just one rod...my #10... with good salt line. What I really need is fly advice and technique info...leader weight, length, etc. What kind of fish should I be expecting to catch on the Pacific side from shore? Thanks!
If it is like the rest of the Pacific Coast take along a sinking line (400-500 grain for a 10-weight) and for flies bring Clousers 2-1/0, Sar-Mul-Macs 1/0 - 2/0, and Sea Habit bucktails 1/0 - 2/0. A few poppers could also be good. You should find jacks on the beaches, various cabrilla/bass type fish on the rocks along with some other jacks. Not sure if the rooster fish will be happening yet on the beaches, I was told that in Zihuat they were hot in May so early April may be too early that much farther north.

Hire a panga for a day or two and do some inshore/near offshore fishing that way, you'll catch more and they can get you on some good spots. Things close to town are usually polluted and fished or netted out. You can also go offshore for sailfish and dorado from there, you'd want a 12-weight minimum for sails but for dorado and skipjack tuna (inshore to near offshore) the 10-weight is perfect along with the same flies I mentioned, I found the skippies were on a #2 Chart. Clouser in Zihuat when I was down there last month and usually a 1/0 or 2/0 SeaHabit will get them to hit. I'm sure you can get a panga for about $160/day down there. I'd ask at the booking agent for pangeros who know something about fly fishing otherwise they are going to want to toss baited hooks at fish for you like they do for everyone else.

Buena suerte!

Just returned yesterday from PV. You mentioned a ten weight which is perfect for the water. Most of your fishing will be dedicated to Jacks, Mackerel, more Jacks, and then Rooster, Dorado, and Marlin or Sails. Pongas will be able to get you into the later three but be advised that it will be a day for constant searching. Most big fish down there quickly moving between feeding areas and your boat will be trying to intercept them. This can reduce fishing time as you drive around. Otherwise, most ponga guys are smart enough to know the typical areas that hold sardines and then you'll just look for obvious signs of bait, fish, and feeding birds. These are areas where the jacks, etc will circle for long periods of time. Pongas go for about $25 USD/hour (before tip) so think about which side of the city you want to fish and reserve them as close as possible to cut commute time. The already mentioned flies are right on but also take our Puget Sound flies. You will be there much later than me, but currently there are tons of mini sardines that are approximately 1.5 inches in length and stark white. The "Searching Fish" on Pugetsoundflyfishing.com is what worked for me after trying numerous patterns. The fish can get spooky so take a clear tip line or get an AirFlo 10foot head. American wire is also a good idea as many fish have sharp teeth and even some of their tails can cut 25 pound tippet in one swipe. You might also want to contact Ryan Smith at the Avid Angler for more info. Good luck and post a report when you get back!

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Go to Dan Blanton's website, and check on his forum. There's a recent posting with some PV information that would provide helpful.

Good fishing!