Mexico - License required?

I'm heading to Mexico in May; do I need a license to fish from shore? From boat? What I've read so far is that shore fishing does not require a license, but a license is required while in a boat, but I can't be certain my info is reliable. I imagine that a chartered boat includes your license fee in their prices, if one is required. Any personal experience in this area? I'll be in Manzanillo. Thanks!


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Charters should include your license. I've had to fill the form out before and we have been checked leaving the harbor a couple of times. Some charters probably don't bother with the paperwork in order to keep that part of the fee for themselves. Fishing from your own boat requires a license as well. From shore, everything indicates you don't need one, although I've heard this might change in the near future because the shore fishing exception was written with local subsistence fishing in mind, not rich gringos on vacation.
You will need a license. Most resorts add it onto your bill and you pay for it when you leave. I believe we pay about $15.00 for a week license at Loreto. The Pesca Patrol have gotten pretty serious about license holding during recent years.
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I'd call to check. Note the last sentence of the first rule listed. Everything I've ever read coincides with this, and I've never found anything that said a license is required for the beach.

The only CONAPESCA (ComisiĆ³n Nacional de Acuacultura y Pesca) office in the U.S. is located in San Diego.

Oficina de Pesca
2550 Fifth Avenue Suite 15
San Diego, CA 92103
Telephone: 619.233.4324
Fax: 619.233.0344

Mexican Sportfishing Regulations from Oficina de Pesca San Diego

* In order to operate a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid boat permit and personal fishing licenses for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether fishing or not. A fishing license is not required when fishing from land.
* Only one rod or line with hook is permitted in the water, per person, but there is no restriction regarding the number of replacement items.
* This fishing license allows to capture only fin fish. It does not allow to capture any mollusks or crustaceans, and their capture by anyone is strictly prohibited. Totuava, turtles and marine mammals are under protection of the Ministry and may not be captured at any time.
* To capture bottom fish, up to four hooks on a vertical line may be used.
* The use of electric reels is restricted to disabled fisherman only, after written authorization from the Ministry before use.

p.s. You won't get to fish anyway. HA! Can we go to Forks now? :beer1:
Yes, we'll be down there for our honeymoon, so time in the water might be cut short here and there for other activities. :cool: But we do have an understanding; when we're on the beach and she's laying on a chair catching rays, she's perfectly fine with me standing in the water catching trigger fish. ptyd Una mas Cerveza! Pescados en mosca!
No license is needed for shore fishing in Mexico, only from a boat. You usually can get a license at the pier though if you go more than 1x a year it is pretty cheap to buy an annual in the states and be done with it since some areas (Eastcape mainly) seem to have no licenses to sell. I get mine through the Discover Baja Travel Club, they have the forms online.