Kayak Report

Fished Kayak Point yesterday from my float tube. Lots of fish on surface, mostly silvers but I think some chum as well. Mixed size from a few pounds to double figures. So much for the good news.
No fish caught, no strikes, nothing doing. Used clousers, small baitfish, large baitfish, different lines, different retrieves ranging from drifting with tide to hand over hand strip. Saw no fish caught by any of the many gearchuckers fishing from beach, pier and boats. Only saw one seal just outside of casting range....
Am interested in any suggestions as to how to reverse this result.

SC -
Sounds frustrating....and sounds like you mixed it up well too. One thought, because you exhausted all the other alternatives, is to try the solunar tables. I swear this works - if the fish are there, your chances for finding hungry fish increase greatly. I use a program called fishbyte - do a web search and get the 30 day free trial....

I've found if fish are there (minus possible pre-spawn behavior) your chance of hooking up in the "activity period" greatly increases - to an almost scary "on the dot" bite. The activity is ranked in the program.

good luck!

Surf Candy
Question? After you are done fishing in the saltwater from a tube. Do you have to wash the salt off the tube and wadders. It seems to me that even if it did not hurt the wadders if you go into a lake or river next, even a week or two afterwards you would be bringing salt and other things not good for a fresh water area. How do you go about washing them do you just rinse with water or is there a soap to use? Most of the time I use my kayak Which a quick hit with a hose works on, but I have thought about going off of the beach but I have been unsure of the effect on the waders so I am looking for some feedback on :DUNNO
in summer I toss them over a fence and hose them off, in winter I toss them in the shower and hose them off - usually take my rod and reel in the shower too - strip off the line and clean it well...then wind it back on and soak it for a few days in a tupperware of water.

Boots I try to hose off....sometimes...

Not really rinsing for salt - but usually pick up sand/dirt etc that I like to get off so I don't get it all over the house.

I have used neoprnese in salt for as mcuh as 10 years on a pair and saw no effect - in my first year on breathables so I am washing them off more - not sure if the fabric gets gummed up or not.