Tons O' Fun in the salt this afternoon


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Drove out to a little spot not far from Manchester, dumped in my pontoon boat in a nearby harbor, and went after a bunch of jumpers I had been seeing lately. Fished a full sink and a short, 5 foot leader to 2X, and a very sparse, chartruese/white Clouser tied on a #8 saltwater Tiemco, short shank hook (I forget the model number). The tide started to rip pretty good around 4 pm and I landed 7 fish and missed a few others. 3 of them were little blackmouth between 14-17 inches that fought pretty well, and the other 4 were resident coho up to a pound and a half; good sport on a 5 weight. They seemed to want a pretty steady FAST strip, with a pause here and there. Every fished crushed the fly; no light bites tonight. I don't know why these little blackmouth and coho are hanging in this bay (except maybe to feed on euphosids are something), but I hope they don't leave for a while. Jeff


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Some days are just magic, thanks for sharing it.

I'd been thinking about taking my PB out to the Sound also and wondered about the salt water affect on it's powder coated aluminum frame. Thought the minimum after trip rinse would entail pulling the frame apart and slucing out the inside of the square tube frame members. Any advice?


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If you really want to be thorough you can go to most any boat/marine store and pick up some Salt-Away. It's meant to rinse the internals of your boat motor but it would be good for your application as well. You can even pick up a small container/reservoir that will attach to your hose to feed the chemical at a proper rate at a marine or garden shop; Home Depot, Lowes? This should be more than adequate to take care of your craft.

Best of luck. :thumb:


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I use my PB in the salt fairly often(powdercoated steel and aluminum frame). A quick blast with the hose of insides and outs and no probs so far. I suppose if you wanted a deeper soak you might consider getting an inflatable kiddie pool and putting the frame components in there. Inflatable, if you need to store it out of the way, other wise, a rigid one is less likely to be torn by any sharp corners on the frame. Just an idle mind's wandering.