Pass Lake


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You sound like a smart kid with a respectible work ethic and family values.

You sound like you have your priorities in the right place to me. Just remember to always be planning ahead and set some goals.

For fishing - you usually have plenty of light left after school to hit the local rivers and lakes and beaches. You have winter, spring, and summer breaks (and probably several others). Try and work the odd shifts that others don't like - very early, late, etc. This should give you a better window for fishing (you can hit the morning bite or the evening bite). If your current job isn't working out schedule wise to give you some fishing time - drop it and find another. Don't get stuck for too long in the fast food track. Think outside the bun (er box that is).

Also, plan some 3-4day weekend road trips with your buds for camping, hiking, etc to places you don't normally get to fish. That way you are sure (more likely) to get the days off from work.

AbsoluteHog said:
I've seen so many pictures in the gallery of pass lake with nice big fish in them. I wanted to take a trip over there but my time is very short, I am still in high school so I have to structure a trip around school, homework, artwork, a relatively demanding girlfriend, a job at McDonalds, working for my grandma (all Sunday, every Sunday), and time at the tying bench. If I go up there I want to catch fish, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out on what catches hogs this time of year.
Jim Wallace said:
which makes me kinda wonder about "Bare Brothers," as well as "Hogwrangler" and "AbsoluteHog," the latter complaining about spending too much time with his girlfriend.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Jimbo, the "Well, I gotta go now...someone just pulled into my driveway."

HEY, me and my buddy are both straight as an arrow, I wrangle hogs, not dudes!!!!!

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
And for your original question... Sorry, never caught a hog out of Pass, but I have taken a few 17-19" browns and bows on muddlers, Mickey Finns (cast into the shallows at night) and orange and black bunny strip sculpins (some of you will be seeing this ugly little thing in a week or so). I fish these on a Type III sinking line with either my 4 or 6 depending on what I feel like fishing with and if I actually want to be able to cast some of those big flies...


William Femmer

Retired New Fisherman
Hog, i'm gonnna hafta go with the other guys here. DITCH THE GIRL. there is no such thing as demanding in a good way, only in bad ways that retract from fishing.


Not to be confused with freestoneangler
Bob Triggs said:
Is it any wonder why more women dont reply to these inquiries?

Instead of dumping her, how about introducing her to flyfishing? If she likes it, you'll not only still have a girlfriend but a regular fishing buddy! Just don't get upset when she starts out-fishing you!

And to all you guys who told him to dump her, get real!! If you had a girlfriend who was demanding, but in a 'beneficial way', like you'd dump her??!!! If so, maybe Old Man will let you borrow some of his blue pills...that is, if she didn't dump you first. :rofl: