Rio Anadromous in warm salt water?

I recently bought an 8wt rig (Elkhorn) or fresh and salt water in WA, but occasionally I go to Mexico for family vacations in the northern part of the Sea of Cortez. It's a town called Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point for you gringos. It's a hunderd miles south of AZ, on the mainland just across from San Felipe, which is on the Baja.

My question is how the Rio Anad line will behave in warmer water. I plan to go in June and the water temps may be in the 70's.

I can't afford multiple spools and a variety of floating and sinking lines for another fly rig (I already have that for my 3wt and 5wt), so I was leaning toward the Rio Anad line for my 8wt because of its versitility and generally-good reviews on this board. The box the line comes in, however, specifically mentions the line's coating is designed for cold water.

Does anyone here have a recommendation for me on whether to try this line, or an alternative that would function reasonably well in Mexico as well as up here? Also, the shop I was in had the Rio Anad listed for $150+. Who carries it at a better price?

I'm primarily a fresh-water fly fisher but want to dip my toe in the salt now and then.

Thanks for your wisdom.


If there is 1 thing I would tell you is a mast have to bring on your trip, it's a line designed for warmwater fishing. You're going to have a really hard time casting that line down there, it will get very soft and gummy and you'll have a hard time shooting it. If you're not going to be really serious about your fishing on your trip then it might not be worth the investment. If you're heading down there specifically to fish, then get a warmwater line, it will make a lot of difference.

I'd give Anil a call at puget sound fly company, he does a lot of warmwater trips, if you outline what you want to accomplish I bet he can provide you with a reasonable solution.

You should be able to just get a new line and have a shop spool it on to your existing spool, then when you get home you can spool your pacific NW line back on, or have the shop do it for you again, any good fly shop should do that free of charge.


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As ibn said, you'll want a line designed for fishing warm water. Taking a coldwater line to a hot tropical location can turn the line to mush and make it difficult to cast.
You didn't mention if you fishing off the beaches or from a boat. For boat fishing, my go to line in Baja is a SA .030 intermediate running line with 28 - 30 feet of T-14 for a head.
I also use a Rio Leviathan, full intermediate and a floater while fishing off the beaches.