OK who's coming to Chopaka This Weekend?


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I know Whitey and I are going up thursday morning and Chris is coming up on Saturday.
Anybody else?

The more the merrier I say. Whitey and I will be dressed like Rugged Mountain men so you can't miss us. Whitey will have on a buckskin outfit and a jim bridger beaver skin hat. I will be wearing a giant sheepskin draped over like a poncho and some knee high moccasins. Whitey has a single propane stove and I have a double so we will be cooking all kinds of hamburger helper and tuna helper for the hungry fishermen (which might consist of just us). I'll bring my guitar and we will sing kumbaya and I will drink hot coco while Whitey and Chris hang with the "four horsemen", You know, Jim, Jack, John and Jose. But Whitey thinks Captian Morgan's going to make me walk the plank... I don't think so.

Sorry I am totally rambling.


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

How can that be. All of the above drabble is coming from a guy that usually has his mouth shut. I'd like to come but youse guys are over there to catch a few fish and I don't want to jinx you.

Not to change the subject. But I finelly got my cherry broke. Caught one. But it wasn't nothing to write home about Shhhhh 8". Before you write it,you don't have anything that big. You think you do,but you don't. Whitey told me..... :EEK :TONGUE


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You're right there Jimbo.

It's a good thing you aren't coming because we would probably stay jinxed.
Subsiquently I took a picture of you while you weren't looking and here it is: :DEVIL



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dude, if you sing "kumbaya" one of two things will happen:
1. I'll leave
2. Captain Morgan will make you walk the plank


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Trust me Whitey, after the 4 horsemen get done with you you'll be singing Kumbaya of your own free will and choice.
Bring it on Old Cap Morgan.

I conned my mom into baking us a couple of loafs of banana bread!