Citation issued from WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife


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I had this same kind of thing happen at Shadow Lake fishing for bass (and no I wasn't flyfishing, I do like to spin cast too, but flyfishing is my first love) not to long ago. I still haven't gotten my court date, but I decided to fight it because it is a $66 ticket.

This is off topic, for all of you that have fished Wilderness this year, don't you like the size of the rainbows in there, they are nice sized. I have fished there only a coupld times this year, but every time I have fished there I have caught a couple over 13 inches. Took my girlfriend the other day and she caught one about 13 inches, I caught one about 14 and 15 inches. Nice sized I think.
I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Thank you all for your support on this matter. I have just finished a very direct letter to the Editor of the Seattle Times, which blasts the Fish & Wildlife Department for the situation they have put me in. And by the way, I cc'd the Director of the Wildlife Department as well.

I don't know if it will be published, but it will surely get their attention.

I will let you know what happens. :THUMBSUP
I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Well guys, I think we can close the book on this one. I don't think my Letter to the Editor was published, but I got a phone call from the Officer who issued the citation. Not only did he apologize for the situation that he created, but he rescinded the citation with the court and now I am a "free man". Thanks for your moral support, and don't forget that if you are ever fasely accused, stand up for yourself until someone takes notice! :THUMBSUP
Make some money off of it.

This is going to sound jerky as hell but it works. I get tickets all of the time for stupid stuff. even when they know they are wrong, they don't care. Type B personality, they are lazy, ignorant, and underpaid. Most of all they don't care.

I got so fed up with it that I filed suit.

Just remember that Washington State is all about the revenue stream.

Here is what I did.

File suit against the Department of Fish and Wildlife in small claims. Have them served. They are lazy and will NOT respond. Wait until three months after the court date and get your default judgment.

Then send a garnishment to Bank fo America and get a nice check.

I filed for 3800.00 for harrassment and won. When the garnishment hit, I got a check for all of it.

I again got another citation and this time when they were served they dropped it.


Make some money off of it.

Well, now I know where my fishing license went this year. With the Department in financial trouble, that is just what we need. People suing them.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I'm not sure I'm happy for you either.

With that said, for $3800 I probably would have done the same. :DEVIL
Make some money off of it.

Yeah, the Department is understaffed and the employees are overworked. Pfiltering almost 4000 dollars out of them probably doesn't help to much. Sure, they have their problems, everyone makes mistakes(including the government), but give em' a break every once and a while and put yourself in their shoes.