1st 6 months of sea run cuthroat fishing from the beach oberservations

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  1. 1 There are too many good options for beaches in the lower puget sound. It is hard to plan choose from so many good locations when trying to plan a weekend.
    ( the gigharbor shop has been helpful in pointing me in the right direction on many occasions towards the areas that are producing. But even still you have get out and try new locations near creeks and coves to discover locations for your self. ( still need 2 and 1/2 million dollars tax free and alot of more time)

    2 . sea runs still scare the heck out me when they jump out of nowhere right next to me.
    They often do it when I am standing in shallow water tying on a new fly
    3 It is amazing how far and fast they move. They fight really hard and run like crazy when they are caught often times.
    4 Finding moving tides both in or out, seems to be the key to the best fishing, expecially around , points, deep impressions on the beach, seams ect.
    5. most of the cuthroat I have caught almost all seem to be in shallow water, It is rare I wade higher than waist high.

    6. beautiful beaches and good atomoshere only go so far when using up valuable weekend time when there are no fish around.
    At some point if a beach is not producing you need to find and or try new beaches until you hear otherwise that the sea runs have have showed up there again.

    7 I waited all summer to see the choho show up at one beach, but it was someone disapointing, to see so many gear and bait fisherman show up all at once and spook them when they are staging up. I prefer beaches with 3 to 4 anglers, not a dozen or so.

    8 It is nice not to have to be an expert at casting. Just so long as you get it out there without ticking or slapping the water. Learning and using double hall is a must becuase of wind and needing to get distance on casts though

    9. You still need to be someone stealthy when moving in to areas where the cuthroat are. Start casting from the beach and work your way out before moving into the water, to make sure you dont spook fish. I find that even standing still for awhile makes it so cuthrout will even come up to you very close sometimes

    10 Most all fly anglers at the beach are freindly and helpful to beginners, and so are the guys at the clubs.

    11. I need to get floating line in the near future to have more options. Using Poppers seems like it would be fun on calm days

    12 . It seems like you dont need alot of different types of flies to be successful and also seems to be more a matter of personal preference,

    ( sculpins, polychaete worms, bait fish imitations, ( chum babies, decievers, clouser minnows , maribu minnows in chartruse ect).
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    Add gurglers to your floating kit.

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