1st steelhead!

Fly tosser...Out or curiosity, whats the deal with the yellow braclet "livestrong". I keep seeing them but never ask, now I am. I prefer a watch, it has a function. nice fish shawnage!


Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Charlie, arnt we going to the clearwater this weekend, with like a bunch of people?? Check ur cell and email. I already tied a bunch of flies, so i will be fishing however it works. If not, lets camp at the tuc or something.

Yes the ubiquitous yellow bracelet is for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. www.laf.org if you are interested. As you might know Lance survived testicular cancer prior to his run of six straight Tour de France wins. The cancer spread throughout his body and into his brain and was not expected to live much less win one of the most grueling of athletic endeavors.

He set out to raise money for cancer research by selling the bracelets for $1. To date they have sold 33 million.

Thanks, I was aware of Lance Armstrong's situation, just not of the yellow braclet. All of my grandparents, died from cancer, and I would say that that braclet does have a function.