1st Trout on a Fly

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I can't remember my first fish on a fly. It might of been a dragon fly nymph being pulled behind a boat on a spinning rod. But then again I don't really remember?????????????????????


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My first, was on some dry fly I found in my grandpas old tackle box. Me and my brother tied it to a mono line that we had tied to a broken vine maple branch. We were fishin in this little creek that feeds into the Stilly through my dads property.

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Welcome and congratulations.

That is a fine fish.

My first was a small cuttie that smaked a small elk hair caddis dry fly.

I still love the Elk Hair Caddis, and just last year re-discovered the joys of fishing small moving water for small cutties on the EHC or other small dry flies.
Congrats! Hope you don't have any other hobbies (passions?).

Elk hair caddis, fishing in a June snow storm by myself in central B.C. Caught fish nearly every cast. Even caught one on a back-cast.
Poor Fella,
He's "hooked"! He'll be reading articles on fly fishing, buying new equipment, finally believing he must have a $600 fly rod, $300 reel, and $35,000 SUV. He'll be in debt with this new hobby for years.

Congrats. Its a great hobby.

Nice work fella! You will never be able to be next to water with out thinking about where your gear is. Hopefully you come prepared or deal with regret well.

Black Wooly Bugger here! Goose Lake down by Mt. Adams in one of those $10 kiddie row boats...
The good news is that I'm still single!
The Bad News is that I'm single.


Not if you count:

Shooting Sporting Clays
Shooting Skeet
Rifle Shooting
Small Bore Rifle Shooting

Big Game Hunting
Varmint Hunting
Predator Hunting
Upland Game Hunting

Northern Pike

I might just as soon start flyfishing. Its cheaper than shooting.

I stopped parachuting and extreme Mountain Biking.

1st trout on a fly:
Same lake in Central BC that Tony the Trout mentioned above, only it was about 20 years earlier. . . Royal Coachman. . . 15" silver bullet rainbow.