1st's for the year

Greg Armstrong

Nick's lake report post prompted me;

1st' outing of the year about ten days ago (been busy and way too pre-occupied with other stuff!)

1st' outing with the new pontoon (NFO loathers can ignore, I love my new Predator. It's light weight saves my back, and it rows and tracks beautifully. Super comfortable too. I'm happy with it).

1st. fish of the year. A small 'bow, but it was scrappy and a start for the year, and one of several for the afternoon.
1st of 2014.JPG

1st' warm day of the year.

1st. scenic shot of the year - reflections;

1st' relaxing day in a long while! Gotta get out more often to clear the cobwebs.

Greg Armstrong

Sorry Randy, no photos of the new boat.
If you do a search on here for Predator though, you'll find some good photos. Also on google of course.

I forgot to mention that the fish seemed to be hanging around the sunken logs and wood debris that predominate around the edges of this particular lake. Once I got that figured out, it was fun making casts close in tight and fishing woolly buggers back towards me with a slow sink line for stikes - reminded me of fishing for bass, although it wasn't necessary to get in real close and tight that sometimes is required for bass fishing. Anyway it was fun fishing.
A midge hatch came off for only about a half hour near dusk and a size 20 soft hackle on a floating line brought me a couple more fish before I packed it in. Totally different kind of fishing sneaking up on slurping cruisers and casting ahead of them - probably my favorite kind of stillwater fishing.


Beautiful lake. It certainly does look bassy around the dead wood.

Who makes your new pontoon boat? I'm out of the new loop when it comes to new pontoon boats.


Thanks, Greg. I thought that may have been what you were talking about. I'm starting to see more of the "frame less" pontoon boats on the lakes.

If my SuperCat ever dies, I'd look seriously at one of those. They do look very comfortable and after a few hours of fishing, the SuperCat isn't all that comfortable. However, the SuperCat is made of rubber raft material and is damned tough so chances are, I'll die before it does! :)

(and I agree, the last thing a trout lake needs is for someone to dump in bass!)