2/13 Teal Lake

Ugh. You know the report's gonna be bad when you read that. Met MtnWkr at the launch at 9 and hauled the new jon boat down to the water. I've never been out there before, but screw whoever stole the cart to aid in the walk down the hill. Also read that the dock was burned down in '08, figures. Weather SUCKED. Car themometer said 40 degrees air temp, water probably just as cold, and wind out of the south at 10-15 i'd say. Oh yeah, steady drizzle too. We only lasted 2 1/2 hours. Trolled some buggers and leeches, and played the chironomid game, all to no avail. I saw a few surfacing around 830 when i first got there before the wind picked up, but that was it. Water was muddy, probably about a foot of visibility. Rough day. Tried shine tidelands by the bridge on the way out, nothing there either. We need some warm weather....


"Chasing Riseforms"
I knew the bastards wouldn't return the cart... I was there the day it was stolen last year. About 1 hour before it disappeared. A woman sitting on the beach told me some guy told her it was his cart and he was taking it home.
Yeah that's pretty ridiculous. I'm sure it's in the back of his truck every time he goes fishing. Being 21, I look around at others in my generation, and wonder if the era of trustworthy folks is coming to an end.

Ed Call

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Van, glad you and Mtnwkr gave it a go. I thought today looked rough while out with the family. It does suck about the cart too, I've been lugging my own wheel contraption since it came up missing.
The skunk won't last, neither will this crappy weather. Those fish like to eat, it is just a matter of time before you show them what they want.