Trip Report 2 pole endorsement?

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Buzzy, Oct 11, 2017.

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    When I fish lakes in BC, I frequently fish with two rods (but only one fly per rod). Here in Washington, I've been buying the "2 pole endorsement" - after today I have to ask myself: why?

    1.JPG An old bamboo rod in my man cave - looks cute but it really is pretty worthless.
    2.JPG I was hoping to find a good water boatman hatch today and in fact, did see a lot of them when I ventured into the shallows, mostly they were in the reeds and cattails. I have an obsession with "trailing air bubbles" on my boatman ties............
    3.JPG Ever watchful driving north out of Soap Lake for critters. Didn't see any deer until I got into the State Park.
    4.JPG Got to the lake about 7:30, had it to myself for two hours. It was calm when I got there but the "W" came up off and on. It is funny how I can anchor up with the wind at my back and five minutes later the wind is in my face. What to do? Laugh and deal with it.
    5.JPG @Starman77 joined me and I really needed his expertise. I'd been fishing for two hours by the time Rex was on the lake and had hooked only three fish. Two of them popped off when I touched the leader, the third jumped and was gone. Rex and I wondered about the lake clarity. We'd been on a couple other lakes in the Basin in recent weeks and found them very clear. I'm guessing we had maybe two feet of visibility, water was 56 - 57F at the surface.
    6.1.JPG What a place Dry Falls is! I've been fishing this lake off and on for 34 years and never tire of the magnificence. This lake is perhaps the most striking place I've ever fished. Gotta love Montana for the ice age floods that scoured this basin.
    7.JPG This was my best fish of the day - maybe 17 - 18 inches (yes, I kept it wet and the fly was debarbed).
    8.JPG I love basalt formations.
    @Old Man - smoke! I could see the smoke plume from Dry Falls, this fire is northeast of Soap Lake.

    Fishing was tough, or should I say the catching was tough. I have to wonder if Dry Falls had some kind of winter kill last winter or even a partial summer kill this year. I didn't mark a single fish beneath my boat regardless of depth. Did mark fish on the side scan but had a heck of a time getting them to bite. The cattails are really taking over - if this lake ever gets flooded back to what used to be "normal" levels, a lot of water won't be accessible (unless high water kills cattails, yeah, right)!

    2 pole endorsement: three times today I pitched out a jig under an Iracator and then laid the rod down to cast my second rod. Three times the indicator took off each time I missed the fish. Could not catch a fish when I was fishing the indicator rod solo,..........
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    My former next-door neighbors were sweet people, but serious Bible-thumpers. I was talking to them about the geography of Vancouver (WA), how there are a series of ridges and valleys as you leave the Columbia. I said that those ridges had been caused by the big ice dam busts up in Montana, that flooded the entire Columbia system in 3 days with 100 years' worth of water. The lady looked to me and said, "I think it was part of the Great Flood!" I said, "Well, I don't think it was that great." She looked at me like I'd let a particularly loud and smelly fart.

    To be fair, she suspected me from the time we met, when she asked me what religion I was, and I replied, "Well, I don't really practice a religion, but we sacrifice a goat out back every summer and winter solstice, so I figure that takes care of my religious obligations."

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