2011 NW PHWFF 2 fly tournament was a success! Thank you WFF'ers!!!!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
I'm super grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with and give back to our veterans' community; what a great thing! Jerry, Chuck and the crew are amazing people putting together an incredible event! After two days of serious rowing for the first time this season, my hands are pretty trashed, but wouldn't trade it for the world!!
Had a great time. Dr. Bill and Ryan were total work horses. Kept at it tell the end. They kept their cool wile we pulled that guy out of the river too. I hope to fish with them again sometime.

Wish I could have stayed and fished with you guys on Sunday. You know what they say. Happy wife = happy life. Hod was the fishing?

Ed Call

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Lots of fished rolled again on Sunday. Problem with rowing Jason around, he rolls them but can't stick it to them. I think he has committment issues. He, Ben and I had a great day. Ben got one in the canyon. Traffic sucked on the way home so we got off and fished some more up in the upper river areas.
Thanks Jerry and Chuck for putting the whole thing together. It was a great event and I got to meet lots of great people. Glad I was able to help out at the last minute. Looking forward to next year and hope to put some fish in the net for the vets.

Thanks again, you all rock!


Jerry Daschofsky

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I should clarify. I am very appreciative for all the people who helped out. I did this post on here simply because I knew specific people were on here. So tried to name off as many as I could think of. But I do thank everyone who helped out.

And no need to thank me. I do this out of the love for my country and those who help serve to keep us free. I do appreciate all the kind words on the food and camp setup. Chuck and I have planned, planned, and planned some more. By 2 Fly #3 we should get most speedbumps smoothed out. :)


"Ride'n Dirty."
.....thinking of potential speedbumps........ya, I can't think of any either. You guys seem to have this pretty dialed down, especially for increasing the head/boat count from 10 to 20.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Trust me. We had a few. But good planning made it unnoticeable. We have a few things to improve on. But was more behind the scenes stuff. Overall was a super success. :)
As we talked at the event, the only "possible" speed bump was that Jerry spent most of the weekend in a "full lather" rather than sitting in a comfortable chair with a cold beer directing traffic!! It was a well planned, well executed, and outstanding event. Thanks again.

Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL Dave. I gotta keep up quality control. Plus, my job for the event. :)

Actually, may have to wait a bit before we can post up the pics. Have to get a copy of the pics to Chuck so he can get the ok from the VA and the WTB. Eventhough Jason owns the rights to the photos, the Gov't owns the rights to the vets/soldiers images. So have to get their written "ok" before we can post them up.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
I have a beef about someone, don't know who but it was very poor thinking on this persons part. The main reason for my beef is that it should never happen again to anyone.. Yes I was the one who got stuck but I'm not hurt. some one could have been. I was so pleased to find that when my name was called at the Raffle that the nice Simms foldup wading staff was still there. Any of you that have been around me see thas I have a wood staff when I walk and I'm not surefooted. Always have a staff when I wade. This Simms staff looked almost new. This week when I was packing things up I had it out and decided to open it up and look it over. It had been broken and would not work at all. used alittle and then put in the donated things on the table. yes I was up set but that soomeone would put a unusable piece of equipment out for what should mainly be for the troops benifit that could actually hurt some one was what really got to me and why I wote this. Thanks to whoever you are this group doesn.t need your help. From what I've heard of Simms and their rep for quality I would have thought this person would have retuned it for new one.