Swap 2013 Holiday Face to Face fly swap


"Chasing Riseforms"
Thanks Kelvin for a great great time! It was the best Holiday Fly Swap ever, if not the best fly swap I've been in. What a bunch of beautiful flies! Pat, Jim, and Kelvin's tying demos were great! I am envious of you "ace tiers". The swap was brutal with everyone stealing from one another. But what great fun! I kinda wanted to steal them all and walk out to leave you guys empty-handed… What a bunch of great ties. It was so great meeting a few new people too. I hope TD can find some time next summer to take me on his guided tour of the Stilly! I missed out on collecting up on his "flavs", as they got stolen from me in the swap, but I'm hitting the tying table to get some of those tied up. But, I ended up with Obsessed beautiful ties that are pretty damn outrageous ties! Thanks all.
Absolutely a hoot! Thanks Kelvin for hosting and thank you all for the fun, tie demos, camraderie, and some flies! I am constantly amazed at the quality of folks on this board. Good Stuff. Pics coming!


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It was definately a good time. Thanks Kelvin for hosting, and everyone for making it an enjoyable swap. Some great flies were present as was evident by the amount of stealing that was taking place. I enjoyed meeting everyone. I look forward to sharing a day on the Stilly with Larry. I missed out on Pat's Crawdad's but since Kelvin was the gracious host, it is only fitting that he should walk away with them. Thanks everyone -


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Looks like a great time, can someone explain the rubber-band paper clip setup? Is that a Jimmy-Rig vise? What's the story here?


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Wow that is an amazing technique for certain. Something I would like to see up close, some gorgeous patterns from that technique. Thanks!