2013 Traver Award- Fly Rod and Reel

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    I haven't seen any advertising for it and can't find any online information on it, but Seth Norman assures me Fly Rod and Reel is having their 2013 Traver award for fiction and nonfiction. I'm hoping Y'all take a crack at it too...deadline is June 1

    rules in the past include (this is from 2011), so I am assuming this is about the same:

    Submitted Traver Award essays or short stories must be:

    "A distinguished original essay or work of short fiction that embodies an implicit love of fly-fishing, respect for the sport and the natural world in which it takes place, and high literary values."
    Send in a typed, double-space manuscript of no more than 3,500 words to Fly Rod & Reel, Robert Traver Award, PO Box 370, Camden, ME 04843. .
    You must submit your manuscript on a CD or DVD along with a hard copy, and please include an oversize self-addressed stamped envelope if you'd like your materials returned—materials without an SASE will not be returned. No e-mail submissions will be accepted. Please, no phone calls. Enter only once.
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    Geez. Fly Rod & Reel published my first flyfishing article. It was a humor bit. They weren't so picky in those days :)