Article 2017 Fly Fishing Meetups For Casting, Tying & How To

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    2017 Meetups for Casting, Tying & How To

    Show up at any meetup, at Flycaster Brewery, on every Thursday 5-9, show up any time, to learn a thing or two, while making and new friend or two.

    Here are the details of the first (introductory) fly tying class which will be five sessions long. The first class will begin on February 23, 2017. Each student will be provided with hooks and tying materials sufficient to tie 6 of each of 10 different patterns. Students need to supply their own tying thread and tools (list follows).
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    Wow, usually these things cost money. This one must be free!

    Will you please list the price in the OP? That way everyone who is curious about the price doesn't have to join your meetup website group first.