Fall mornings


Piscatorial predilection
I love this time of year!

Sunday morning I was on a favorite little river of mine.
The fog was wisping across the surface of the water, which was clear and cold but not as crisp as the air. It was just about light enough to see clearly, as I reached my intended spot. As I stepped to the rivers edge, a mallard flew overhead and then a crane, spooked by my approach.
The river was running low but the pool I was on still had good flow and I just knew I was going to find a fish. You know how some days everything just feels right?
Starting about midway in the pool, I worked through to the tail-out, dead drifting wooley's and spiders for about a half-hour, but found no takers.
After a little coffee and cigar break, I moved to the head of the pool and planned on swinging a streamer through the white-water section.
About four casts later, I noticed a fish holding on the far bank. The water here was moving very fast and this fish held hard against the bank in a small cut just out of the main flow.
I figured it to be a salmon.
As I continued watching, I began to see that there was more than one fish in this lie, in fact it looked like 3 or 4 and they would switch positions every so often, NOW I knew these were salmon.
My leader went from 20# at the butt to 8# at the tippet, so I clipped off the 8# section which left about 6ft with a 10# tippet. Whatever these fish were, I knew anything less than a 10# tippet was going to be a waste of time! I got out one of my "Jig-Fly's" , dark green body,black maribou tail, barred olive schlappen hackle collar with lead "Dumbell" eyes to get it down quick.
Moving into position, I began casting hard against the bank letting my fly swing right in front of these fish. Nine casts later I was begining to think about a fly change when, on the tenth, the floating line on my G-loomis 6wt went tight, the rod almost doubled over, and it was "Fish On!"
No need to set the hook on this baby! it shot straight out toward the middle of the pool as I dropped my rod tip down and to the left. Working my way toward the fish I regained line and set in for the battle.
He headed back toward the lie and I could see two other fish following. It was then I saw him, a male Chum, with my fly firmly imbedded in his upper jaw, just behind his right eye.
We struggled back and fourth for about twenty five minutes, everytime his belly touched sand or rocks, off he went again!
Finally working him toward the tail-out, into slack water, he gave it up!
I was able to take him by the tail, and remove my barbless hook, which had gone through from the inside of his mouth out. I estimate he was 12 - 14 lbs, in his finest pre-spawn colors. He quickly revived, in about 30 seconds, and went right back to head of the pool again.
By this time the sun was touching the tops of the trees on the far side of the river, the fog had lifted, and I had found-fought-and landed my first Chum on this 6wt, and on this river.
I decided to stop right there, I mean how was I going to top that? Lighting up my cigar again, taking a long slow swig of water from my bottle, I stood for five minutes savioring the time, place and experience.
Ever thankful to my Creator for all he has given. LB


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Great story. Those chums can make quick work of a 6wt, good job with the C&R. Just curious, are the Chum showing in west side PS rivers? Or did you bump into them in BC or Hood Canal?


Piscatorial predilection
Yes, I guarantee you, they are in west side rivers. I did not expect to see them in this river, that's for sure! That's why I wasn't sure what kind of salmon they were at first. With the river levels as low as they are it was quite a surprise. If I told you where I found those chum, you would be surprised too. But I almost never see anyone else when I go there, didn't on Sunday, so I really must keep it a Zipper, sorry. Like Old Man (Jim) said in a previous post, "It's within a 75 mile radius of Seattle"


Piscatorial predilection
Ha! Jim I knew you would know where it was. After all you and I did go there last year.
So, Jim, you know what a surprise it was to find Chum in there in the middle of October!
But please keep it to yourself.

Old Man

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

No problem man. I did go out today but all the fish were zipper lipped. Started out on the lower Stilly around Silvana. Saw one fish roll and that was the first and last fish I saw all day. Stopped at two other places on the N/fork.

After I was done for the day I drove up to C.Post rd just for a look see. Well I saw a few fish under the bridge,one beat up salmon and a few under the bridge that wouldn't move for anything. Then drove up to Hazel,no one around. Saw a few fish in that hole by the road.