May Steelhead

Just curious if anybody knows a place where one could get a reasonable shot at a steelhead in May without flying somewhere. I realized that I could conceivably catch a steelhead every month this year, but May will be the most problematic. I've got Jan-April taken care of and once June rolls around, I should be able to find one every month if I work at it.

If your answer to this is sensitive, you can PM me.

Angler 77

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Kalama. I haven't fished it and don't know the reg's, but understand it is a pretty good bet early. Maybe you'll catch a springer or two as well.
If you want to come across the border, the Vedder/Chilliwack is open in May, fly only in the lower section, pretty good chance to get a Steelhead if you are in early May.

Let me know if you want more information.



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No real secret here. I don't know how far you want to drive, but May is my favorite, most productive time targeting the summer willamette valley fish. The N. Santiam would be a great idea:thumb: