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I'm new to fly fishing with no luck at Pass lake on my secound try. I sat in the rain for three hours fishing on Sunday watching 4 different guys catch fish all around me and tried to mimic what they were doing. A dry line with a float at 9' and #12Chironomid pupa, black and red. Is there something else that I'm missing? :beathead:


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Could be that you just need more time on the water? Were the fish rising around you or just where these other guys were catching them at? Stick with it...You'll get there.

you probably need to experiment with your line depth to find the right column for the fish. there are 2 reasons to use the indicator. one is to see the strike and set the hook, the other is to keep depth consistency. adjust the indicator to dial in the depth.

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On that particular day we were fishing in 20 - 22' of water and fishing at a depth of 18'. As you can see we are fishing up to 20' length of leader. The fly pattern didn't seem to matter as much as the depth, they were taking chironamides in sizes ranging from #18 to #8. You may have noticed the hatch most of the day consisted of that range. At this time of year especially with a falling barometer they can be feeding more readily at the 20' depth range. The day before (Sat) it was 6 - 8' of water fishing 3 - 4' down. There are ways to fish that depth with out the long leader but it requires an intermediate line, 9 - 10' leader (no indicator), unweighted chironamide and a very, very, very slow overhand retrieve and lots of patience. Many takes will occur when bringing the fly straight up from the bottom to within 2' of the surface. I can't express enough about a slow retrieve, when you think its slow enough go slower.
Don't give up!
Good Luck and Good Fishing
WB - if indicator fishing a quick way to find out the depth under you is to clamp your hemostat to your fly (one click) and let it go to the bottom. pull up 18-24 inches and where the leader enters the water is where you start with your strike indicator. Adjust from there if necessary to find the feeding zone.



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Be careful, that "depth finidng trick" is also known as the ole "losing your hemostat on the bottom of the lake when your hemostat comes undone trick" I only say it because I've done it, then your left with no hemostat, you feel like a dunce and you still have no idea how deep to fish.
Don't feel bad, I've flyfished for about sixteen years now. When I was starting out I fished it a lot; to this day I still contend it is toughest lake I've ever fished.

Chironomids, this time of year are definetly the way to go. Keepum' on the bottom and if your not finding them at a particular depth, keep moving. 20'ft + leaders may sound daunting but when there's a will, there's a way. Also, make sure your craft is securely anchored, you want to keep movement to a minimum.

Streamers cast into the brush are sometimes a decent option too.

Good luck.

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Or big ugly crayfish looking things crept along the bottom in low light conditions. I've found that color and movement seem to be enough to imitate crayfish.