Fly fishing, and Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting and Fly Fishing are my two most favorite things to do ever. I can't decide which is better, a day with birds in your game bag or a day of catching fish. Also the plus of being able to use your bird hide for fly tying matterial. It is just a perfect compliment from bird hunting to fly fishing. So I have been wondering how many of you are upland or bird or even waterfowl hunters?


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I live for duck and goose hunting. It's "my thing" I wish I was as good at catching fish as I am killin' birds. I hunt the Yak alot during duck season, looking forward to doing a little cast & blast next season.
I'm with Choclab on this, waterfowl all the way. All though I didn't get out much last season.... And I do tangle a bit with upland. But I don't tie flies yet. I want to get started but don't have and $$$


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The fall here in the PNW is the best of times. I enjoy not only the fall fishing (especially the sea-run cutthroat) but the waterfowl and upland bird hunting as well.

The past year was the first (thanks to retirement) that I wasn't forced to place a higher priority on one or the other- fishing usually won out. Now I have time to devote to all 3 and am able to select the one most favored by the conditions.

Since most of my best cutthroat, Dolly and salmon flies all use mallard flank feathers I now should have ample opportunity to collect the 10 or so drakes a year needed to supply the material for my tying/fishing.

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Sept-->Jan = hunting (Big game, Birds, whatever)
Rest of the year + when Tags are full = Fishing + Coyotes

Sum the two equationss to equal = :) <---One happy Camper
HogWrangler said:
So far no pure Upland Bird Hunters?????!!!! No offense to waterfowlers, Its just that i am an upland birdhuntin' ol' boy.
I'm with you on this one HogWrangler. I went duck hunting with a buddy once but I just love upland birds. Only being in the state for a couple of years, I haven't had a chance to do any hunting yet. I'll have to get some info on places to try.


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If the wenachee opens up this fall then my two fav's,steelhead and grouse,would damn near stacked on each other.
A double hander and a double barrel,I think I just gooped my pants just thinkin about it!:eek: :D :eek:


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I'm a nutcase upland bird hunter, as well as a fly fisherman. I say nutcase because I'm primarily a chukar hunter from late October until mid January, although I do hunt huns and valley quail. I'm out there almost every weekend, in places like the L.T. Murray, Quilomene/Colockum, Oak Creek, Chelan Butte, etc. I sometimes get then chance to wet a fly in the Yakima in January, after having hunted chukar up on Umtanum Ridge. Upland hunting used to come second to fly fishing, but when I got into pointing dogs I lost all control. I hunt with a wonderful 6-1/2 year old Llewellin setter, and I brought home a new English setter pup last summer. I have high expectations of the pup. The dogs make it for me - upland hunting just wouldn't be the same without a good setter.



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I was baptised on upland bird hunting while going to school at WSU. Back then, we'd skip class and go chase roosters on the breaks above the Snake, or in the fields all around Pullman. Also ventured out after a few chukar (oh, to have the young knees again) from time to time. Did some dove and quail hunting during those years too. My only regrets are that I didn't do more of it- don't think I appreciated living in such close proximity to good upland country at the time. After I got out of school I did a little pheasant hunting, but gradually got into duck hunting until that's mostly all I did. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a duck blind when a flock of greenheads come in hard and fast from the corn fields, feet down, right into the decoys. Didn't get out this past year- first time in over 15 years I haven't been. Partly due to my Choc lab getting too old to endure long days in cold water. Got a new pup coming in a couple weeks, so next fall will be a revival or sorts. Plus my son will start hunting next fall, too. However, I'm finding the waking hours for fly fishing more condusive to enjoyment. Getting up at 4 AM when it's 20 degrees outside to get to the blind before someone else gets to it has lost some of the appeal that it had when I was 25.

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Some call me Kirk Werner

You are a nutcase if you're a hardcore chukar hunter- and I salute you.
similar to upland hunting with a good pointer, duck hunting isn't the same without a good retriever. If not for the company of a good dog, I wouldn't sit in the cold all day waiting for the ducks to arrive. A few years ago me and a buddy chased a couple chukars up on top of Umtanum ridge for a couple miles. At the time I wasn't into fly fishing and had no idea that crossing the river on the footbridge would have such significance as it does now that I've been bit by the fly fishing bug!
If I had to choose between upland bird hunting or flyfishing.....well, I'd choose hunting!! This past November I worked a TOTAL of 7 days and spent the rest bird hunting. I mostly chase pheasant because I love hunting them the most, but I do also hunt quail, huns, chukar, and grouse.

I have a pointing Labrador Retriever that I trained myself. Watching him work is probably my favorite thing in the world.

And when hunting season is closed, then I go fishing. ptyd