4 days off - BC or Oregon?

I have a four day fishing window and want to try some new spots- I am willing to drive 6-8 hours from Seattle- any suggestions? I would prefer to hook into some nice trout 16"-18" since I have been sorely missing the San Juan river of my native New Mexico... Thanks for the help.
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Hey skunk butt, where did you live in New Mexico? I also am a NM native and fish the Juan quite a few times each year. Being from Farmington also helps, with the close vicinity to the 'Juan. Right know they are having a debate on whether to test flow releases from 50-1000 cfs in one day, it will be murder on the fish.

Just thought you might like to know whats going on,

I am an Albuquerque native and found myself making the 3.5 hour drive several times a month- we had a friend with a place just down from Rizuto's- boy do I miss the cold fall/winter days in the bright sun, pulling 20 inchers until your hands would be so cold that you hoped the trout would release themselves just before they got close to you... I have not been able to find anything like that around here, but I'll keep looking. It is strange, though, I have seen some of the most beautiful streams, but the trout population seems almost non-existent, where in NM you could find a load of trout in just about any moving water. I don't get it. As for the 50 cfm idea, I hope the flyfishermen in NM get their act together and stop that nonsense.

Thanks for the info.
Just got back from BC. The lake fishing up there is getting better. Right now they have their last few days of selectively eating daphnia (which makes all but a wind drifted leech challenging) and will soon be strictly into big last minute eating leeches. It has been getting into the teens at night and high fifties in the day.

Most likely though, you're just interested in running water, and thus the Upper Thompson and its tribs have been fishing well for Steelhead. You won't encounter many other anglers. The river is in great shape. Though, a big river similar methinks to the Skagit.


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