First post, pictures included 40+ pound kings Petersburg alaska

hello my father has fished alaskan waters for 35+ years as a commercal fisherman, due to awsome conservation and quote state rules alaskas waters have boomed with awsome/incredible record setting amounts of returns for salmon/halibut/black cod and other wild runs, after fishing his 35 years up there hes learned the alaskan ways of sportfishing and this year i went up to alaska for a commercal trip to make some money with my father and the crew like always and we finished early and decided to sport fish with my remaining time on spring break, after 2 hours of trolling we caught these

where: Petersburg alaska, 1 hour out "thomas bay" eastern end..

using what: delta divers, 4 foot leader with whole rigged small herring

trolling: slow

What? spring kings!
44 lbs

dads 42 lbs

mine again

a little teaser of the trip

again these are SPORT caught.. the spring kings are there!!! small town of petersburg with many guides who know how to catch them..:beer2: good luck


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Very nice fish!

You realize of course that 1/2 of the chinook caught in SE Alaska marine waters are not from Alaska. In fact the various sport and commerical salmon fisheries in SE are some of the largest harvesters of some of the Washington depressed Chinook stocks. So I'm not so sure that I would so quick to credit Alaska with awesome conservation.

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