Missouri River Lodge MT


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Just got back from Monatana and some of the best trout fishing i have ever experienced. More and bigger trout than i have ever seen in any river. I stayed with Joe Bloomquist at Missouri River Lodge. Top notch outfit for sure. Joe runs a great lodge and the guides working for him were great. I fished with Mike Niles the whole time and he worked his ass off for us. great guy and guide.:thumb:
Friday was our first day fishing the missouri river. I had never seen it before but had heard a lot of the fish that it holds. I was in a boat with a newbie to fly fishing and not 200 yards into the float he hooks a 20+ inch brown. Probably more like 22 or 23 but we never got a better look at him than when he jumped next the boat. A lack of experience cost him that one fish, but he quickly picked it up and started hooking fish. I on the other hand couldnt hook a fish to save my life, and went fishless all morning. Mainly nymphing san juan worms and pink scuds. I also stripped some buggers for a little bit but only turned 3 fish before lunch. After lunch there was a light hatch of BWOs and i managed to get my first brown on the surface. The rest of the day my nymphing skills improved and we ended up with 10 or 12 fish to the boat total. Not a hot day but better than some for sure, and every fish was between 17 and 21 inches. All nice big browns.
The next morning we switched boats around and there were two of us that could cast this time Where as day 1 had been sunny and warm with a little wind, day two was more overcast and really windy. we were in the canyon for the first mile of the float throwing woolly buggers off rock walls and just hammering the fish. We probably hooked 8 or 9 a piece in the first 300-400 yards of the float. It was fantastic. Again mainly browns but we also got a couple rainbows that either didnt go into the tribs to spawn or didnt spawn at all. The wind was very tough in the afternoon and our guide worked his butt off to get us down to the take out. Rowing against the wind and waves that were splashing over the bow of the boat. All the time we were picthing buggers(when safe to do so) and catching fish. It was probably blowing 30+ but it sure didnt affect the fish.
I only fished a 1/2 day on day 3 and we floated the top stretch of the day 2 float. Pitching buggers again with great success. It is a lot of fun to watch the big browns explode from the rocks to hammer one of these buggers getting twitched and stripped off the shore.
The final day i fished, i went with Joe to try the waters below the dam. This is mainly a nymph show for the fish that have moved up out of the lake to spawn in behind the dam. These fish are huge. Our average fish up there was 23 inches. And we caught tons of them, including a 31" fish. This was bigger than some of the steelhead i caught this fall and on a 5 wt rod. simply amazing fishing.
Had a great time and would highly reccomend anyone to go fish the Missouri. Its a great river and has a lot of fish and a lot of bugs Joe runs a great place and it was phenomenal fishing I can't wait to go back.... :beer2:
I posted some pics in the gallery.

I just ran across your post about Joe Bloomquist's lodge,and the fishing you experienced there. We fished there the second week end of April and experienced really good fishing as well. I wold have to second your opinion about the river and the lodge. Saw a picture of the 31 incher you talked about. Awsome fish.



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D3 - Fished the Mo a handful of times over the last few years and it's a great fishery. Last year when the rest of the state was blown out due to the high water levels, I ended up fishing it for 10 days. I also had Mike Niles guide us and show us the ropes early on in the trip and ya.. he's damn good. -G


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Sterling- did you fish out of the drift boats or the jet boat? I sure would love to fish it in the summer. Cant wait to get back.
We'll have to get out and chase some cuts this summer and share some stories.

Hob- Glad you too have been able to fish the MO with Mike. He really worked hard for the guys we had up there. 30+ mph winds and 2'+ waves in the lower river can make for a hellish day. Love your sig. line. how true :)