A Snohomish update

Ok, Ok, Ok,....

I got all excited with my new 15 foot bayliner boat. I took it out on the lower snohomish and drove all the way up the river and spent the entire day fishing and did not CATCH anything. NOTHING. No bites, no nothing. The silvers are gone, or they are all red.

Where was the old man? :DEVIL Just kidding.

Anyway, It was just horrible! If any of you had a Saturday afternoon and a new boat that is seaworthy where would you guys go?

I am begging you.:TONGUE


Phil FIscher

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

Come on up to Ben Howard boat launch and get in on the Spey Clave that is going to happen up there at 1100. You will meet a whole bunch of nice guys and a few grumps. Some people that catch and some that don't. I won't tell you who the don't one is.

From Kirkland, head north on 405, follow untill you get to the 522 interchange and go east twards Monroe. At the end of 522 you will circle to the right, at the light turn left and follow hwy 2 untill you see a texaco on your right, thats Lewis St. Take a Right and follow the road untill you cross the bridge. take the 2nd left after the bridge and stay on the road. The launch is on the left hand side and you will see the signs just before you go up a steep hill. you can't miss it.

Nice Hummer and great Oregon vanity plates. Now that you live in Kirkland your Washington vanity license fees and some of the sales tax will go to our fisheries. Thank You and enjoy the "clave" :BIGSMILE