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In Camelot, Guenevere stated most succinctly:

Tra La! It's May
The Lusty Montth of May!
That lovely month when ev'eryone goes
Blissfully astray.

Actually we all seem to manage to go blissfully astray in the other months as well but it seems to be better in May. Things seem to look their best in May. The trees are filled out with fresh leaves, wildflowers smile wherever you look, the grass is greener and robins are nesting on some of my lawn tools by the shed making them inaccessable for hopefully at least a couple more weeks. May is arguably the best month of the year for lake fishing as the water warms and fish start feeding seriously on the daily bounty of freshly hatched insects. Even the prettiest of the aquatic insects in named after May.

I'll spend the month running up the gas bill as I visit dozens of lakes and in all probability catch hundreds of fish. By the end of the month I will be weary of float tubes, pontoon boats, chest waders, air pump, fins, depth finder, anchor and all of the assorted paraphenalia it takes to chase trout on lakes but it will be worth it.

Because come June I can leave all that stuff at home, put on some waist high waders, a fishing shirt with a couple of boxes of dry flys, take a little 4WT and a dry line and head for Idaho and Montana. Ahh June! the Joyous month of June! Damn-the're all good aren't they? Enjoy, Ive


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Is true! Those sweet hours before noon and those moments in the afternoon when the clouds come in and the air cools back down... the bite is on! However, one must be sure to remember the Grannom Hatch. A spectacular blizzard of caddis that launches large trout into the air in pursuit of these tasty morsels. A brief respite from the lakes is in order!