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Last summer I had the unique opportunity to participate in the filming of an eppisode of Familiar Waters. The eppisode was based out in Neah Bay, it's hosted by Mike Pawlawski and the guest host is our own Anil Srivastava. Since they needed a sweet boat, I volunteered to let them use my whaler. In exchange I got to tag along and drive the camera boat around, and do some fishing myself. I haven't seen the eppisode yet, so I'm curious how it turned out.

The show airs next Monday the 15th at 7:30 PM on the Outdoor Channel (Note: this is not OLN). For me, I had to pay an extra 3$ a month to comcast to get the Outdoor Channel, it's part of their sports package. Some cable providers offer it by default.

The eppisode includes some salmon fishing and some rockfish/lingcod fishing, we had a pretty awesome encounter with a grey whale as well. The weather was pretty wild and wavy, but we still got into fish and had a good time.

Anyway, watch the show, then lets all make fun of Anil for how stupid he sounds on TV when it's over.
This is the show that Reel Pure was in on correct? Someone with have to TiVo it and burn it to DVD so I can watch it. I also missed this past Mondays episode of them Bone fishing in Andros.
What channel is this for Comcast subscribers?


I'm going to DVR it, then try and capture it on my camcorder then encode it and up it to google video, hoping that's legal to do! It might take me a few days to figgure that one out though. :)

Jason - Yeah, the Reel Pure brand was partnering with Pawlawski at the time we filmed the show, they have since ended that business relationship AFAIK. For me it's channel 406 (comcast).
Can it be dvr'ed then burned onto a disc??
dvr is new to me, just upped to dish network. it is set to record familiar waters currently, so i will definitely catch it. it's a great show, i really enjoy the diversity of the fishing he does.
good stuff


the net guy
:beer2: it is the best show on tv right now,
well one of the only fly fishing shows on tv.
if you have dish network you can get the outdoor channel it's 153
if you don't get it, you can get it for about $2.00 a month.


the net guy
:beer2: nice show,
looks like some good fishing.
although i'm a little byis, i know Mike,
he's a realy nice guy and a great fisherman.
and his show trys to make us a better fishermen.
can't wait to move up there,
and get into all that fresh and salt water fishing.
see ya Greg:cool:
It was a great show. awesome. just not sure if i could handle the swells. looks like a great time to be had.
i have it dvr'ed, now can i record it or burn it to a disc??
Had the show recorded for me and I hope to see it as soon as I can get out that way. The person who recorded it did have a question about why there were no life jackets in site for as rough as the seas were. The person is a long time boater with lots of years on the water including rough seas and a few water rescues. As I said I have not seen it yet, so were you guys wearing any type of floatation device or at least have it ready for quick action? I would love to give the person who asked me a answer that you did. Looking forward to seeing it when I can get the time.


Sorry Patrick, no one had lifejackets on. I've got some friends I fish with who wear them all the time, then some who never wear them (like me, unless I'm fishing alone). They're readily available in my boat.


the Menehune stole my beer
I hear Anil has gone all Hollywood now, wearing shades indoors and saying shit like "have your people call my people" , "let's do lunch sometime" and "Paris, stop stalking me!".


James Mello

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Mingo said:
I hear Anil has gone all Hollywood now, wearing shades indoors and saying shit like "have your people call my people" , "let's do lunch sometime" and "Paris, stop stalking me!".

You know how I know Anil is gay? He's totally dressing up and fixing his hair like a sissy metrosexual now!