Garcia confuses me.

So I've been interested in building a rod. I got one kit for a Spey rod and decided that was way to much to start with and a buddy is building that for me. I then got a 2 piece 6 wt kit. I also got Garcia's book. The book tells you how to perform each individual step, but it doesn't seem to provide a proper order to the steps. Mainly, when to put the handle on- I would assume to do it before the guides and hook chck but he doesn't say. Are there any books that are the equivelant to "Rod Building for Dummies" out there.

mike doughty

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Here is my sequence: the first things i epoxy on are the reel seat, cork handle and the tip top. i do the tip top and this time because you already have the epoxy out so you might as well get it done now. if the reel seat is one that comes in a couple of different pieces like some of the 6 weight and smaller ones then i will epoxy that together first and let it dry before epoxying it to the blank. then i will slide down the winding check, this is important before you tape on your guides and hook keeper. then i will wave my magic wand around and presto i have a completed rod.

Bert Kinghorn

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Mike has it right, Sloan.

I would add that if you think in terms of working from the tip and the butt toward the middle you can't go wrong.

Scott Behn

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You might be less confused if you get with your buddy and have him help ya with your first one. Other then that if you can find someone in your area that builds rods have them show ya, or come up here to the north part of the sound...

I'm with Mike, et. al. You can also look into a book by Art Scheck called "Fly Rod Building Made Easy". I found it much more helpful than Garcia's book when starting out.
the only thing I would add here is to put the reel seat on last. Put the cork gri[p on , then the wind check (if you are using one) but I leave the reel seat to last because if you want to turn this rod in some kind of turnign rig (lathe, drill, etc) it's easier without the handle
Oh, watch how your buddy does it.